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Introduction to Human Space Exploration

This page provides details and purchasing options for the course “Introduction to Human Space Exploration”, as well as access to the completely free course text book by the same name. Introduction to Human Space Exploration has been designed for middle and high school students, though it can easily be modified for both younger and older audiences. Similarly, it features a flexible framework, so that it can be taught as a year-long, semester, or even marking period class, or so that portions of the course can be encorperated into existing classes.

Introduction to Human Space Exploration is an interdisciplinary course which meets many Common Core standards. Modern teaching and learning strategies are employed, such as Project-Based Learning, Mass Customized Learning, group projects, interactive lessons, and many more.

Teachers and school districts can make this course part of their curriculum in traditional learning environments. Many suggested activities and projects will provide great hands-on lab opportunities. However, home or cyber school students, and even individuals, may also complete this course, with or without the various hands-on projects. Use of technology is strongly encouraged throughout the entire course, and parts of the course are offered in iTunes U. Apps like Apple Classroom and School Work, KAHOOT, NearPod, and many others are highly recommended.

When you purchase this course, you will receive the free course book, “Introduction to Human Space Exploration”, as well as:

  • The Complete Course Teacher’s Guide
  • Access to the complete course in Apple’s iTunes U app
  • Hours of additional audio, video, project suggestions, web links, and other resources, in addition to those included in the book
  • Live support via phone, email, or text for help implementing the course or using the technological components

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