Design Services

Teach, Promote, Market, or Just Express Yourself!

With professional design services from The Tech Juggernaut, your personal or professional websites, digital books, digital courses, and much more can go from dreams to reality. At TTJ, we take advantage of the latest features, standards, and functionality to design what you want, the way you want it, at a price that won’t destroy the budget. Read on to learn more, or purchase one of our existing Courses and Books.

How It Works

You provide the content – we’ll use your input and preferences to create the designs. Of course we’ll also handle all technical aspects of the project, so you never have to worry about security, functionality, or reliability. Whether you are a teacher or school district, a small business or a large corporation, or an individual blogger, we can take care of all your design needs with websites, social media campaigns, email marketing, digital and print books, complete digital courses, and much more.

Make a Splash With Your Online Presence

The Tech Juggernaut can design complete, professional websites that are both beautiful and functional. We employ powerful and feature-rich content management and creation systems such as WordPress and others to create stunning, powerful, and useful sites for all professions and individuals. Sites can include unlimited pages and blog posts, podcasting, contact forms, audio and video, maps, calendars, slide shows, numerous images and photo galleries, and much more.

Hosting is no problem either. Receive secure, always-on hosting, your own domain, domain email, and much more at prices that will make you smile. The only limit is your imagination!

Tell Your Story Like Never Before

Digital books designed by The Tech Juggernaut are viewable in the Apple Books app and can include powerful features like embedded video and audio, photo galleries, tables and charts, web links, and more.

Create text books complete with glossaries, study card support, and integrated quizzes. Give your recipe books and photo books a digital flare. Take comic books and graphic novels to the next level. Make the kids happy with read-along children’s stories. Or, write text-only books and novels which can be read on all devices, regardless the manufacturer. Either way, enjoy powerful features available only to digital e-reader software and hardware, such as instant dictionary look-ups, highlighting and notes, progress syncing across devices, accessibility features (screen reader support, large print, etc.), and content that can stay always up-to-date. Sell or distribute your books as you see fit, or even make them available on various platforms and stores including Apple Books, Amazon Kindle, and many others.

Transform Your Classroom

Digital courses can enhance traditional classes, and combined with today’s awesome teachers, they can revolutionize education. Additionally, entirely online courses can be great for students who learn in non-traditional environments or who wish to continue learning after graduating.

TTJ digital courses utilize various features and platforms to offer rich, powerful instructional experiences, complete with audio and video, multimedia presentations, photo galleries, maps, charts, assessment tools, casual learning games, interactive and cooperative projects, relevant educational apps, and much, much more. Courses are designed to meet or exceed the latest federal standards and can be further customized around specific learning objectives and goals. Again as with e-books, the content can be easily updated, so students are not forced to learn out-dated material. Plus, the content is made relevant to specific students, states, and even local communities.

Go Even Deeper to Express Yourself

The TTJ portfolio of design services also includes a wide variety of audio and video editing, music creation, graphic design, DJ, recording, marketing, and print services, either directly through our TTJ team or through recommended third-party companies. Tell us what you’re looking for, and if we can’t make it happen, we’ll direct you to someone who can.

Existing Projects

TTJ has already created complete digital courses as well as digital and soft-cover books on various subjects. You can learn more and purchase them Here. Some are even free! Use them in your own business, school, career, or personal ventures, or simply use them as samples of what we can design. Show Me the Projects

Get Started On Your Own Projects

Design services start at just $199 and vary depending upon the project. Free consultations are available so we can find out what you want and provide you with a custom quote. Contact Us to get started.