Connected Digital Life

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All Your Devices Working For You – No Matter Where You Go

The Future Is Here!

Technology has become an integral part of everything we do. Yet if we have to worry about which device to use, where we left the project we were working on, or what’s going on while we’re not home, technology can become quite frustrating. The best scenario is one in which all of our devices can be counted on to know what we want, and to be one step ahead of us at all times, allowing us to securely access everything, everywhere, wirelessly, automatically, with minimal configuration. Our homes should be able to understand how we live and work, and should be able to adapt to our behavior, providing realtime notifications and options to meet our needs. All of this is now possible – and more!

What Is CDL

Connected Digital Life (CDL) is a term that describes the integration of a variety of hardware, software, and services, all designed to make your life easier. At TTJ, we recommend, install, and configure all your CDL devices.

Remarkably Expandable

Start out with just a few CDL products, or even just one. Add more CDL tech later. You can always upgrade, expand, and make changes to your tech at any time.

Built Around You

Our CDL packages are completely customizable. No more paying expensive prices for things you don’t want or need. Buy and use only the tech you want.

Begin With What You Already Have

Already own an iPad or iPhone? An Apple TV and Apple Watch? Great, because many of the features we call Connected Digital Life (CDL) features are available, thanks to numerous Apple features and services like iCloud, Apple Pay, iTunes in the Cloud, Continuity, HandOff, and more. So you might be able to enjoy a connected digital life with no additional cost to you. We can help you set up and learn how to take advantage of these awesome Apple features and services, so all your documents, projects, contacts, appointments and reminders, photos, music, movies and shows, shopping lists, and other data will be available on all your devices, automatically, no matter where you are. Additionally, you will be able to make quick and secure payments in stores or online, without having to search for that illusive credit card or cash. You’ll also be able to answer phone calls on all your devices and transfer calls between devices, and much, much more.

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Build Out Your Life with Apps


Numerous apps, many of them free, are available to enhance the CDL experience. The Tech Juggernaut can suggest apps that will fit your lifestyle and help you learn how to use them. We can even keep you up-to-date as new CDL apps become available, and as new features are added to the CDL apps you already use.

Take Entertainment to the Next Level

apple tv

For years, the television experience has felt antiquated. This all changes now! Use the Apple TV to enjoy hundreds of live TV channels, including ESPN, Disney, Freeform, TBS, Food Network, HGTV, Nickelodeon, History, Lifetime, Science Channel, Nat Geo, broadcast networks (NBC, CBS, etc), and lots more. Plus, enjoy thousands of On-Demand movies and shows. Find what you want to watch by using your voice. Automatically keep track of what you are watching. Save your favorites to view any time. Watch whatever you want, wherever you want, all while saving hundreds of dollars. You’ll also be able to stream your own personal photo, music, and movie collections, play games on TV, and much more. Rent or buy movies and shows on one TV and enjoy them on all your other TVs, your iPad, your iPhone, and more. This is entertainment for the 21st century.

Ditch the Land Line, Or Keep It and Save

It might be no surprise that we can help you find the best wireless phone provider for your needs. However, we can also help you keep a home or business land line and save hundreds of dollars per year, while enjoying unmatched features, like being able to answer home phone calls on your cell phone, create conference calls, receive free 411, and more.

Take Control of Your Network

It has been said that Wi-Fi is the oxygen of the digital home. We couldn’t agree more. You need a consistently fast, reliable, strong internet connection and wireless network. You also need easy ways to monitor and control this network, even when you are not home. Thanks to The Tech Juggernaut and products like the Google WiFi System and others, all of this is now possible.

See Into Your Home and Into Your Life

ipad with security image

The Tech Juggernaut offers in-door and out-door cameras, doorbell cams, and much more. Receive beautiful HD video, night vision, wide viewing angles, two-way audio, motion alerts, and much more. Select systems even offer air quality monitoring, temperature reporting, and more.


Take Control of Your Home, or Set It and Forget It

Lights, door locks, thermostats, garage doors, coffee makers, smoke and CO alarms, sprinkler systems, and more. Control and monitor it all, even when you are away from home. Create powerful automations based on time of day, your location, or other triggers. Have your home get ready for your arrival. Receive notifications about motion, temperature and humidity changes, and much more. Use any of your Apple devices, including the awesome new Apple HomePod, to control accessories, scenes, and automations with just your voice. Home automation has never been easier!

Security That Makes Sense

alarm system with camera

Do you prefer a more traditional security system? The kind with door and window sensors, Home and Away modes, loud alarms, talking touch screen panels, keypads, professional monitoring, and more? No problem. TTJ can help you find and set up the perfect wireless security system for your home or business. We offer both self-monitored and professionally monitored systems through various companies like iSmart Alarm, Ring Alarm, and SimpliSafe. We can even find local Alarm.Com dealers in your area to professionally install security systems for you.

Pricing and How to Buy

Our CDL packages vary greatly in cost, depending on what tech you already have and what you want to purchase. However, we feel confident that we can help you set up a system at a fraction of the cost of more traditional automation and smart home systems. Want a basic training course in how to use the CDL features of your existing Apple products with no additional tech? That costs just $80. Or, if you purchase your tech through TTJ, one of our System Set-Up packages should meet all your needs. Either way, it all starts with a free consultation. Set one up now! Contact Us to get started.