All New – Using Voiceover on AppleTV

Completely up-to-date for TVOS 14, this audio recording describes the layout of the Apple Siri Remote, discusses how to set up an AppleTV with Voiceover, and explains how to navigate, enter text, and more on TVOS. After listening to this recording, you’ll be watching your favorite movies and shows in no time, and so much more.

Stream this recording now, approximately 40 minutes in length, or purchase a copy by getting in touch with us. Enjoy.:)


iOS 14 Tip: New Features in Messages With Voiceover

In iOS 14, you can pin your favorite and most important conversations to the top of the list, so you’ll always know where they are. It is now also possible to create Mentions within group conversations, and be notified only when you are mentioned. Listen to the included audio demo, to experience these features with Voiceover. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks.ios-messages.m4a

Voiceover and iOS 14 – Introducing the App Library and Other Home Screen Features

As promised, we begin what will be several days, or several weeks, of tips, tricks, and tutorials for both sighted and non sighted users, on iOS 14. These first few posts will focus mainly on Voiceover demos. Today, we show off the new Home Screen widgets and widget stacks, the App Library, and how to hide Home Screen pages, all while using Voiceover. Enjoy.:)


How To Use Cisco Webex Meetings to Join TTJ Free Courses and Virtual Help Sessions

If you are enrolled in any of our TTJ free courses, or if you plan to attend our TTJ Free Virtual Help Sessions, you will now need to use Cisco Webex Meetings to join all sessions. The included audio recording in this post will give you an overview of joining a Webex meeting and navigating the Webex interface.

First, listen to the included audio recording to get an overview of using Webex with Voiceover. Then, be sure to download the Webex Meetings app from the App Store. Finally, locate the join link for your Webex session. For TTJ courses, this link will be found in an email for each course, preceding any teaching session, as well as being found on the Stream in Google Classroom. For Virtual Help Sessions, this link will be found in an upcoming blog post, as well as on the TTJ Training Page.

Again, please be sure you have downloaded the Cisco Webex Meetings app before attempting to join a session.

Tap Here to Download the App

If you have any questions, please send an iMessage to:


How to Use Google Classroom With TTJ Free Courses

For anyone enrolled in our Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 TTJ Free Courses, you will need to download the Google Classroom app. The audio recording included in this post will help you learn how to use the Classroom app with Voiceover. If you are enrolled in any TTJ Free Courses, please be on the look out for an email which includes a direct link to join the class your taking. Note that each course will have a separate join link, included in a separate email.

You can download the Google Classroom app from the App Store by tapping This Link.

You can also use Google Classroom on a ChromeBook, or from any web browser by visiting: