IOS 13 Tip 7: Listen to Live Radio

With an Apple Music membership, you have access to more than fifty million songs whenever you want them. You can also listen to personalized, curated radio stations across numerous genres, as well as the live internet radio station Beats One. Now however, even more options are available to all Apple users in the latest software. You can now listen to live radio stations on your iPad, iPhone, AppleTV, HomePod, iPod Touch, and Mac. Just open the Music app, choose the Radio tab, then scroll down until you see, “Broadcast Radio”. From there you will be able to choose from over one hundred thousand radio stations. Not all radio stations are available. To be available, the radio station must support an internet broadcast through an app like iHeart Radio, Radio.Com, or TuneIn. As stated, more than one hundred thousand radio stations do support this, so you should have no trouble finding some of your favorites across all genres, from all around the world.

Listening on a HomePod? just ask Siri. On all Apple devices, just specify the radio station, and Siri will play it for you. For example, say something like, “Play 98.1 the Breeze”. Happy listening, and stay tuned to our blog and our Podcast for even more tips coming soon.

An Introduction to Living the Connected Digital Life – Clean Recording and Dabel Link

Our second free course of the training season has begun. In this course, you will learn how to have all your digital content available to you on all your devices, no matter where you go. We will discuss iCloud, cutting the cord with AppleTV, home automation, security devices, and much more. Here is the live stream link, and the clean recording, for our first session. Enjoy.

Listen on Dabel01-cdl.m4a

IOS 13 Tip 6: Dynamic Lyrics in Music

For some time now, the Music app on your Apple devices has provided access to the lyrics of many songs to which you might be listening. However, you could only see these lyrics displayed on the screen. What if you wanted to sing along? Well, now you can, thanks to Dynamic Lyrics. This new feature allows the lyrics to display in sync with the song, as it is playing. So, sighted users can follow along, seeing the lyrics where they are sung, as they are sung. It’s never been easier to follow along and belt out your favorite jams, and it will take family karaoke night to a whole new level.

Voiceover users, you will still have to read the lyrics yourself, as you probably would not want to hear the spoken lyrics interrupting the songs you love. Still though, this is a great new feature, and we here at TTJ really love it. We think you will too. It works on your iPhone, iPad, AppleTV, and Mac, once Mac OS Catalina is released.

If you are subscribed to Apple Music, just start playing a song, tap on the song at the bottom of the screen to open the Now Playing screen, then tap “Lyrics” at the bottom of the screen. On AppleTV, lyrics automatically appear. For more information, check out this Apple Support Article.

If you have not yet subscribed to Apple Music, consider giving it a try. With Apple Music, you’ll enjoy access to over fifty million songs, curated playlists, personalized radio stations, and much more. Take your music, playlists, and more with you on all your devices, and even download your favorite songs for offline listening if you need to. Apple offers customers a three month free trial of Apple Music, and there are family plans and discounted student plans available.

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IOS 13 Tip 5: Apple Maps Collections

Ever wish you could save your favorite places for quick access later? Perhaps you tried a new restaurant and really loved it. Maybe you are visiting a new city for the first time. Perhaps you even have favorite places you’d like to share with others. With Apple Maps, now you can do just that. With Apple Maps Collections, you can create as many collections as you want, based on a theme, type of business, location, or anything else your heart desires. To get started, launch Apple Maps in iOS 13 or iPad OS, then search for a place of interest. When you find a place you want, tap on it to display the place card. Now, tap on the “Add To” button. From here, you can choose an existing collection or create a new one. It’s that easy.

When you want to view your collections later, simply launch Maps and scroll down to your collections. Then, choose the one you want, to see all the saved places in that collection. You can even share your collections with others, so they can also benefit from your favorite places.

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IOS 13 Tip 4: Rich Text Formatting in Mail

With iOS 13 and iPad OS, it is now possible to use desktop level formatting in the Apple Mail app. Create stunning email messages by changing the font, font size, and font color. Make text stand out by using options like bold, italic, underline, and more. Even create  bulleted and numbered lists. These and other similar features, typically found in word processing apps, can now be used every time you send an email. Just launch the Mail app and compose a new message, or reply to an existing one.

As you’re composing the message you will see a wealth of new options. For Voiceover users, just swipe to the right of the message body area to find the text options and more. You can also take and insert photos, scan documents directly into emails and mark them up before sending them, draw in email messages, and more. If you have an iPad and the Apple Pencil or Logitech Crayon, you can even drag up from the edge of your iPad screen to immediately begin drawing or writing by hand.

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