A Demo of DirecTV NOW with Voiceover – TVOS

As the title suggests, I demo AT&T’s awesome DirecTV NOW app on Apple TV. DirecTV NOW is a stand-alone, live TV streaming service which offers apps for TVOS, iOS, as well as many other platforms. They offer the largest and most robust channel lineup in a single streaming sdtv.m4a

ervice, and their service includes thousands of On-Demand titles, True Cloud DVR, 72 Hour Look Back, TV site and app sign-in support, and much more. Stay tuned for a thorough review of this product, but for now, enjoy the Voiceover demo!

Overview of Apple TV Apps for Watching TV

So, you’ve gotten that shiny new Apple TV, and you’ve set it up, but what do you do next? You’ll want to start renting and buying movies and shows, watching Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, Prime, right? Perhaps you’ll want to watch live television, On-Demand content, and even save shows and movies to a DVR. Maybe you’ll want premium channels, free content, and maybe you’ll even want to access your favorite YouTube videos. This post features a short audio overview of the kinds of apps that help you do those things. Stay tuned for a separate post with a demo of the whole

There Is Absolutely a Spell Check on your iPhone and iPad – Here’s How to Use It

Many people, especially users of Voiceover, often wonder whether it is possible to be truly productive with an iOS device. The answer is absolutely. When creating and editing text messages, emails, notes, documents, and more, we need to be able to use spell check. Listen to this demo to learn how to do just that with Voiceover in iOS 12.spelling.m4a

Apple’s Latest iPad is Revolutionary All Over Again

In March of 2018, Apple unveiled its Sixth Generation iPad at an education-focused event in Chicago. It is my opinion that this is their best iPad ever, and that by introducing this device with its incredible combination of features and affordability, Apple has completely revolutionized education and, honestly, the entire industry once again, even if people don’t realize it. Listen to this Tech Talk to learn more and find out what’s on my iPad, what accessories I use, and how you can replace your computer with an iPad.ipad-18.m4a

What Happened to the Two Finger Swipe Up to Reveal the Dock

Apple has just released its long-awaited iOS 12 operating system, and it brings a number of enhancements and new features to iOS devices. As you may know, the iPad supports true multitasking, and there was a particular Voiceover gesture, a two-finger swipe up from the bottom edge of the iPad screen, to begin the process. If you’ve downloaded iOS 12, you’ll quickly realize that this gesture no longer works. That’s because it’s been replaced with a new one.

In this audio recording, you will learn about the new gesture. You’ll also learn several other new Voiceover gestures for the iPad – gestures which were actually introduced for the iPhone X. Finally, you’ll hear a quick demo of multitasking and drag and drop. We’ll share how this can be done without Voiceover soon, and be sure to stay tuned for other iOS 12 tips and tricks.dock-ios-1-2.m4a

Get Ready For Apple’s New Software Updates

This Monday, September 17, 2018, Apple will be releasing new versions of its iOS, TVOS, Watch OS, and HomePod Software. Each new update contains numerous new features, improved functionality, and other enhancements to make your devices even more awesome. At the end of this article, you will find a link to learn all about the features in Apple’s latest software, but for now, we’ve put together this post to help you get your devices ready for the updates.

Should I Update?
If you’ve worked with TTJ before, you know how we feel about this. The answer is, absolutely yes. Keeping your devices up-to-date always helps to ensure you receive not only the latest in features in functionality, but also the latest in important security fixes, performance enhancements, and more. While it is certainly possible in theory that a few bugs will be found here in there in the new software, and this usually does happen, Apple tests this software thoroughly and does its best to ensure everything runs smoothly. Plus, developers and public beta testers have put the software through its paces and have reported any issues long before they had a chance to reach the masses. So in short, upgrading is highly recommended.
TTJ Support Contracts and Software Updates

If you have any of our device support contracts or Premium Support Plans, we’ll help you get your devices up-to-date, either remotely or, in select areas, in-person. This service is included at no additional charge in your contract. Please note that TTJ wil continue to support iOS 11.4, TVOS 11.4, HomePod Software 11.4, and Watch OS 4 through the end of 2018. As of January 1, 2019, support for these operating systems will be discontinued, and all customers with TTJ device support or Premium Support Contracts will need to have their devices up-to-date with iOS 12.X, TVOS 12.X, HomePod Software 12.X, and Watch OS 5.X in order to continue receiving software support.

Prepare Your Devices:

To ensure that your update experience goes as smoothly as possible, please follow all recommendations in this section.

First, be sure Two Factor Authentication is enabled for your Apple ID. If you’re not sure, use your iOS device to visit Settings, Your Name, then Password and Security.

Next, be sure you are running the latest versions of Apple’s software prior to iOS 12. Use your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to check iOS and HomePod version. For iOS, go to Settings, General, and About and check the software version. For HomePod, open the Home app, tap on the Add and Edit Homes option, scroll down to the Speakers section, then tap Software Update.

For TVOS, on your Apple TV, head on over to Settings, then System, then go down to Maintenance and choose Software Updates.

On Apple Watch, press the Digital Crown to access the Home Screen, then choose Settings, General, and About.

Latest versions are iOS 11.4.1, HomePod Software 11.4.1, TVOS 11.4.1, and Watch OS 4.2, and if you’re not running the latest versions, you should run Software Update prior to this Monday.

Finally, be sure your devices are backed up. If your devices were configured by The Tech Juggernaut, everything is set up properly so that back-ups take place automatically. This means you have nothing to worry about. If you wish to be extra certain, or if TTJ did not set up your devices, feel free to get in touch with us, and we’ll walk you through how to check back-up status and perform a back-up. Note that TVOS does not use true Back-ups. Instead, the One Home Screen (iCloud Home Screen syncing) option ensures that all your apps will be downloaded in the unlikely event of any issues. Again, TTJ wil have configured this for you, but if you want to triple check, or if TTJ had nothing to do with your Apple TV set-up, please contact us for additional information.

On Monday, when all the new software is live, we will post a quick announcement to this Blog, so you’ll know it is time to update your devices. If you wish to receive help from us, or if you have any questions at all, please call us at 814-287-9178, or contact us Here. What’s New in iOS 12

TVOS 12 and Apple TV Info

HomePod Update Info

All About Watch OS 5

This Is Awesome! Get Support For All the Tech You Own

Whenever you choose to have The Tech Juggernaut help you purchase and set up your products, you automatically receive a three year support contract on those products. So what happens after your warranties and support contracts expire? What if you’re just not ready to buy new devices yet? And what about all the other tech you own – devices you purchased from elsewhere? At TTJ, we have the answer. Introducing TTJ Premium Support Plans!

With an annual TTJ Premium Support membership, you can have all your tech needs serviced by one company, and you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing we’ve got your back, by phone, by email, and in-person (select areas only).

TTJ Premium Support Gold ($199.99 per year)

With the Premium Support Gold Plan, you’ll be entitled to operational assistance and trouble-shooting support on any product you own, no matter where you purchased it, so long as it’s a product we normally recommend and support. Premium Support Gold members receive support on any Apple product manufactured within the past four years of the initial purchase date of the plan. For example, a customer purchasing the Gold Support Plan in 2018 can receive support for Apple products made as far back as 2014. Call us as many times as you want with all your tech questions. In addition to Apple products, this plan extends to Apple and third-party accessories being used with Apple products. Get help with cases, keyboards, printers, Wi-Fi systems, cameras, scanners, smart home devices, security systems, TVs, speakers, select connected car products, game consoles, and lots more. We even offer basic operational help on a selection of small appliances such as microwave ovens, coffee makers, and slow cookers, just to name a few.

As if this were not enough, we’ll even answer questions about your favorite apps and services. Get help with Facebook, Twitter, Apple apps like Pages, Keynote, and Clips, as well as hundreds of other apps and services. We round out this awesome package with two hours of training per month and with automatic notification of software and firmware updates, security risks, and more. Basically, we’ll be your personal tech concierge. Plus, as a Premium Support member, receive 20% off TTJ Advanced Training Packages, free System Set-Up, and other special discounts, deals, and promotions.

TTJ Premium Support Platinum ($329 per year)
The Platinum Plan includes everything in our Gold Plan, as well as 40% off any TTJ Advanced Training Package (instead of 20% in the Gold Package). Additionally, we purchase something extra for you to complete the offering. As part of our services, we’ll help you purchase the Best Buy Total Tech Support Plan. While we don’t have any official partnership with Best Buy, and while the two plans (TTJ Premium Support and Best Buy Total Tech Support) are entirely separate and in no way affiliated, we believe Best Buy offers incredible value with this plan, so we’ll help you purchase it.

The Best Buy Total Tech Support Annual Membership enhances what we are able to offer you by providing support on numerous additional electronics and appliances – even ones not supported by TTJ. Own an HP computer with Windows 10? How about an Android smart phone or tablet? Got a problem with that refrigerator or washing machine? When you have Best Buy Total Tech Support, all of this is covered. Best Buy Total Tech Support includes unlimited support for all your tech and appliances, no matter where or when you purchased them. You can receive support from Best Buy in-store, over the phone, and 24/7 online. Best Buy also states that their plan includes many popular services at no additional charge, such as PC virus removal, data transfer and back-up, vehicle remote start installation, back-up camera installation, in-dash audio installation, and lots more. Best Buy also states that their Total Tech Support plan includes $49.99 in-home visits for various installation services, and 20% off repairs and advanced services. Total Tech Support also includes 20% off Geek Squad Protection and AppleCare services, as well as internet security software for up to three devices.

Purchase a Plan Now

Before continuing, please read the Important Notes below. Do not purchase unless you agree to all terms.

Choose your plan

TTJ Premium Support Gold (One Year)

Please see the description above for details, and contact us with any questions. By purchasing this plan, you are agreeing to our Premium Support Plan terms and conditions.


TTJ Premium Support Platinum (One Year)

Includes TTJ Premium Support and Best Buy Total Tech Support. Please see details above, and contact us with any questions. You must agree to all TTJ and Best Buy terms and conditions. Purchasing this plan indicates your acceptance of both.


Important Notes
Neither the TTJ Premium Support Plan nor the Best Buy Total Tech Support plan includes any coverage for hardware parts. These must be purchased separately if needed at the then prevailing rates for said parts. Plans above include only support, trouble-shooting, and in some cases, labor.

Furthermore, The Tech Juggernaut does not perform hardware repairs. In cases where hardware service is deemed necessary, TTJ wil refer you to Apple, an Apple-Authorized Repair Center, or the manufacturer of whatever product requires repair.

Customers should expect to pay regular prices for all hardware repairs, unless the products in question are still under a manufacturer warranty, such as the Apple Standard Warranty, AppleCare Plus, or others.

The Tech Juggernaut recommends Best Buy Total Tech Support, and we will directly give $199.99 of your Platinum Plan purchase price to Best Buy for this service. However, TTJ assumes no responsibility or liability for any issues, problems, damages, or otherwise incurred, relating to Best Buy Total Tech Support. TTJ does not represent or officially indorse Best Buy or the Total Tech Support Plan, and all requests for service or other issues related to Best Buy Total Tech Support must be handled directly through Best Buy.

Best Buy Total Tech Support services may incur additional fees for certain services, including but not limited to, installation fees, trip charges, material costs, and others. For questions about TTJ Premium Support, please Contact Us.

For more information on the Best Buy Total Tech Support plan, including complete terms of service, please click This Link.

Keep All Your Messages Synced Across All Your Devices

Apple’s iCloud is one of the most awesome features. It means having all your data and media available on all your devices all the time, no matter where you go, wirelessly, automatically, with minimal configuration. Yet for some reason, this did not include our text messages – until now. This past May, Apple released iOS 11.4 to the public. One of its major features was Messages in iCloud. Turning on this feature gives users two major benefits. First, all your messages are now stored in iCloud, downloaded to your device only when you want to access them. Secondly, while it has long been possible to send and receive messages on all your Apple devices thanks to iMessage, Text Message Forwarding, etc, it is now finally possible to also delete a message from one device and have it automatically deleted from all your other Apple devices (Apple Watch not included at present). This means no longer having a build up of unwanted messages on a particular device, simply because you forgot to delete messages from every single device.

To enable this awesome new feature, be sure you are using Two-Factor Authentication. Then, head over to Settings, your name, and iCloud (System Preferences and iCloud for Mac users). In the list of apps that use iCloud, toggle Messages to on. It may take some time for your messages to upload to iCloud, and you’ll want to make this setting change for every Apple device signed into your Apple ID, but once it’s done, you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of iCloud, even in your messages.

For more information about iCloud Messages, Two-Factor Authentication, or any other Apple tech features, please get in touch. Check out the rest of our Blog for more posts, and stay tuned for even more helpful articles coming soon.