Save Big On All Things iPad – Hurry – This Won’t Last!

Want to get your hands on a new iPad? Here at TTJ, we think the iPad can be a complete desktop replacement solution for the vast majority of our customers. We’re even offering a free online course on that very subject this spring. The iPad is perfect for elementary and high school students, teachers, college students, individuals, business owners, bloggers, musicians, photographers, video enthusiasts, and much more, you name it!

If you don’t yet have an iPad, or if you need a refresh, there’s never been a better time than right now to purchase one. Yep, Black Friday, Christmas, Cyber Monday, they won’t happen again for another ten months, and yet these are some of the best deals we’ve seen on iPads and accessories.

For example, right now you can get an iPad Sixth Generation 128GB with Wi-Fi, you choose the color, for just $354.99. That’s a savings of $79, and it can be yours right now. Get the true laptop experience with a rugged keyboard folio case from Logitech, the perfect companion to your new iPad, for only $79, a $20 savings. Finally, unleash your inner artist and designer with the Logitech Crayon, also $20 off, currently just $49.

As if all this were not enough, receive 15% off our TTJ System Setup Plan, including three years of complimentary support, and our introductory training to get you started.

So don’t wait. This deal will not last. To learn more or get started, call us at 814-287-9178.

Attention: Free Online Training Available Now – There’s Still Time to Sign Up

The Tech Juggernaut is pleased to remind you of our upcoming Spring 2019 training schedule. Tentative course dates and times are as follows:

Voiceover In and Out Section A: Five weeks, Two Sessions Per Week, beginning Tuesday, January 22, 2019 at 3PM Eastern

Voiceover In and Out Section B: Five weeks, two sessions per week, beginning Tuesday February 26 at 3PM Eastern

IPad for All Computing: six weeks, two sessions per week, beginning Tuesday April 16 at 3PM Eastern

Please note that course times and dates, schedules, and content are subject to change until official course outlines are sent out. If you have already emailed me indicating that you wish to join one or more of these courses, then you’ve done all you need to do. You are registered, and you will receive additional information via email approximately two weeks prior to the beginning of any courses for which you are registered – any day now for students in the Voiceover courses.

If you are unsure whether you have registered, or if you wish to sign up for any course, please use the contact form or other contact information found Here. Let us know which course, or courses, you wish to take, and we’ll get you signed up.

Please note that we have also created a survey to find out your current level of proficiency in Voiceover. If you will be taking the Voiceover courses, we ask that you please complete this survey as soon as possible. Be sure to click Done and wait for the thank you message before closing your web browser. If you are only taking the iPad course but are a Voiceover user, we would highly encourage you to take the survey as well. To take the survey now, please click This Link.

We will be in touch soon.

Our TTJ Black Friday Event Starts Now!

Let The Tech Juggernaut be the one-stop solution for all your tech needs – especially on the biggest shopping days of the year! Need a new iPad, and AppleTV, or a HomePod? What about an iPhone XR, a TV, or an XBox? No matter what gadgets you’re in the mood for this holiday season, The Tech Juggernaut can help you out.

We can help you find the perfect recommended products and services to put under the tree and a variety of accessories for stocking stuffers. We’re already working hard to compile a list of favs for this holiday season, so stay tuned for a complete list. We’re also hard at work finding the best discounts and the lowest prices for each recommended product.

Plus, after you’ve purchased your products from TTJ, take advantage of unheard-of TTJ discounts, like completely free Purchasing Assistance on select products, 20% off all System Set-Up and Advanced Training Packages, and more. Or, purchase one of our awesome TTJ Premium Support Plans at regular price and receive an unprecedented 40% off any TTJ Training Package. We’ll also be giving away some great free gifts, guaranteed to bring some Christmas cheer.

Finally, we’d like to announce that TTJ will be offering extended hours next week. On Thursday, November 22, Thanksgiving here in the USA, we will be open from 7PM to 3AM Eastern, and we will reopen on Black Friday at 9AM Eastern. What’s more, we will offer extended holiday hours through New Years 2019, so you’ll always be able to get all the support you need on your new tech. So, don’t wait till after you’ve eaten all that turkey, stuffing, and cranberry. Call us now to discuss what products are right for you. Then, we’ll use our TTJ Tech Track service to decide the best moment to make the purchase, based on pricing, availability, your preferences, and other factors. TTJ offers the best solutions for product purchasing, training, set-up, and support, and there’s never been a better time to become a part of the TTJ Family.

To get started, please call us at 814-287-9178, or email Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.:)

An Overview of Airdrop

I’d like to thank Rita Howells for providing this awesome and helpful article as part of her weekly iDevice Advice. See below for information about an awesome CDL feature – AirDrop:

Saving and sharing photos and videos via a smart phone has changed in a big way over the past few years. You likely know how to upload your pictures and videos to Facebook or Instagram, but what about sharing them directly with family and friends? You can use AirDrop to share photos and videos directly between Apple phones, iPads, Macs via a     wireless Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection.  You might be surprised how many people have no idea the AirDrop option exists.  Go to Settings, General, AirDrop to make sure it is toggled on and set to share with either your “contacts only” or “everyone” around you.  Select a photo, a video, a document, a web or App Store link, or many other types of files, and tap the share button (a box with an arrow pointing up).  Your potential photo or file recipients must have their device’s AirDrop “on” as well, and then their device should show up under the AirDrop menu.  The recipient of your photo, video, or other file must be in close proximity to you, such as in the same room and have their Apple device awake.  Tap the person’s name when it shows up in the list to share instantly.  You can pick dozens of photos and videos, which will transfer over in a matter of seconds.  Make sure to remind whomever you are sharing the photos or videos with to choose “Accept” when the pictures start showing up on their device.

AirDrop is both quick and easy.  Similar to sending files via text and email, you can use the cross-platform utility to send photos, videos, songs, and even files.  This is particularly handy when you are in close proximity to the person you’d like to send your file to, as AirDrop only works when users are near one another.

Moreover, from a security standpoint, AirDrop is safer to use than both email and text.  The feature uses a Bluetooth connection to create a peer-to-peer Wi-Fi network between your iOS and iOS devices, and creates a firewall which allows for added encryption.

Another benefit of AirDrop is that many native iOS apps support it.  You can access the feature from directly within Photos, Notes, Safari, Contacts, iTunes and App Stores, Apple Books, Maps, and many others, including GarageBand, Pages, and more. AirDrop is also supported by numerous third-party apps. Most apps that offer a Share Sheet do offer AirDrop support. So, you can easily share all your files without having to navigate to a different screen or copy and paste the information.

An Introduction to iCloud

Listen to an audio overview of the Connected Digital Life, with a particular focus on Apple’s iCloud and related features. This is the first in a series of audio overviews related to Living the Connected Digital Life. Listen below to the audio overview. Then, don’t forget to read the user guide for your particular Apple products, or to learn more about iCloud, click Here. Enjoy.:)cdl1.m4a

An Introduction to Living the Connected Digital Life

We define “Connected Digital Life” as all of your devices working for you, in order to make all of your data, media, etc available to you across all your devices, no matter where you go, wirelessly, automatically, and easily. Connected Digital Life begins with Apple services such as iCloud, Siri, Apple Pay, Handoff, Continuity, and much more. It continues with numerous Apple and third-party apps. We round out the experience with Apple CarPlay, Apple HomeKit, and a variety of optional home automation and home security solutions. Stay tuned for detailed COnnected Digital Life overviews, or to learn more about TTJ COnnected Digital Life offerings, click This Link.