See What’s Coming in 2020. Don’t Miss Our Upcoming Live Stream

Welcome from TTJ, to what promises to be our best and most exciting year to date! First off, I want to say that we hope all of you had an absolutely marvelous and blessed Christmas, New Year, and holiday season overall. Now, 2020 is here, and this new year is overflowing with new and exciting things to come from TTJ. The Tech Juggernaut will be holding a special announcement live stream to share all the awesome details with you. This live stream will take place on Tuesday, January 7, 2020 at 2PM Eastern. You can listen to this live stream using the free Dabel app or using Periscope. On Dabel, look for the TTJ Special Announcement Live Stream by mSpaceLife. On Periscope, be sure to follow TTJ Talk. This live stream will also be made available on our TTJ Talk Podcast, so anyone who is not able to join live will still be able to hear all the great details.

Be sure to tune in and see what we’re up to. Find out what’s coming this year from TTJ. Hope to see you then!:)

Additional Information On Upcoming Free Courses

Attention everyone, we want to remind you of some important information regarding our upcoming free courses for the second half of the 2019-2020 Training Season. Two courses will be taking place between now and May. Learning Voiceover In and Out will begin on Monday, January 13 and conclude on Wednesday, April 1, 2020. Our second course, iPad for All Computing, begins Monday, April 6, and concludes on Wednesday, May 20, with a final wrap up and Q and A session to be held on Friday, May 22, 2020. Live sessions for each course will take place every Monday and Wednesday from 3PM to 5PM Eastern Time, with additional sessions for special help or special interest topics to be held throughout the course at the sole discretion of the TTJ Instructor Team. To join the live sessions, use the Zoom app, and use Zoom Meeting ID:


You may also join Zoom sessions from a computer by entering the following URL or pasting it into your web browser:


Students who cannot use Zoom may use the Dabel app to listen to the live stream, either during each live session or after the session is complete. Both Zoom and Dabel should be used with free accounts. Dabel users can use the new, “Sign In With Apple” feature to create their accounts.

In addition to live sessions, these two courses will make use of the iTunes U platform to distribute all course-related materials, assignments, discussions, announcements, clean audio recordings and demos, video materials, text documentation, and much more. It is very important that all students register for the iTunes U portion of each course they wish to take. To get started registering for iTunes U, click Here.

please save the above dates so that you can participate in all live sessions. Also, information on how to navigate and use iTunes U will be posted to this blog early next week. We know the app can seem overwhelming to new users, but don’t worry; we will walk you through it. Audio tutorials are coming next week to this blog, and the first day of each course will be partially devoted to using iTunes U.

Should you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Thank you, and we look forward to working with you very soon.:)

Free Courses Begin Soon. Time to Get Ready

Please read this entire page immediately and contact TTJ if you have any questions.

It is almost time for our next courses to begin. The free course, Learning Voiceover In and Out, begins Monday, January 13, 2020, and the course, iPad For All Computing, begins Monday April 6. If you have already registered for these courses in the fall, we have all your info and are including you in the upcoming rosters. However, there is still one more step necessary to complete registration. You must enroll in the iTunes U portion of each course. This must be done using the Enrollment Gateway for each of the two individual courses. You must visit the Enrollment Gateways from an iPhone, iPad, or an iPod Touch. You will not be able to do so from any other device. Therefore if you are currently reading this post on any other device, please return to this page using your Apple iOS or iPad OS device. Note that TTJ cannot manually enroll you over the phone. You must complete the enrollment process yourself, using either the Enrollment Gateways or the Course Codes.

Read on to learn more:

TTJ uses the iTunes U portion for our spring courses. This means that both the Voiceover course starting January 13 and the iPad course starting in April will make use of iTunes U, in addition to still using Zoom or Dabel for live sessions. When you initially completed the registration form indicating your intent to join, you provided all your info to TTJ, and we are now expecting you in Zoom. However, you must also enroll in the iTunes U portion for one or both courses. If you wish to participate in both the Voiceover course and the iPad course, you will need to enroll separately in each iTunes U course. To do so, use the enroll links below. If taking both courses, start with the first enroll link, for the Voiceover course. After completing enrollment in that course, immediately return to this page to choose the second enroll link, the one for the iPad course.

It is very important that you enroll in both courses as quickly as possible, as available space will fill up fast, and enrollment in iTunes U courses is handled on a first come, first served basis. Do not wait! Enroll now using the links below! Then, stay tuned to this blog for iTunes U tutorials and other important course details, coming next week. If you are unable to properly use the Enrollment Gateways, please contact TTJ for a course code for one or both courses. Should you have any questions, please get in touch with us.

Enroll in Voiceover In and Out

Enroll in iPad For All Computing

Contact TTJ

Gestures for the iPhone X and newer models

Gestures for the iPhone X and newer models:  Rita’s iDevice Advice for December 9, 2019

Gestures For The iPhone X and Newer iPhone Models, When Running VoiceOver:  

Some folks are new to the TTJTECH Blog and or have just gotten newer iPhones that do not have a Home button.

they have been asking for information such as the below.

The iPhone X and the newer iPhone models(iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, and iPhone 11 Pro Max) do not have a Home button.  So how do you perform the actions that used to be done with the Home button?

Standard iPhone gestures such as a swipe up from the bottom to go to the Home Screen or App Switcher are augmented for VoiceOver users by providing additional haptics and audio feedback.

The gestures are based on a little haptic prompt which you will feel, and a little audio cue which you can hear. I refer to that audio cue as a blip, because that’s what it sounds like to me – a short, little blip sound. The entire premise is based on placing one finger at either the top or the bottom edge of the screen. When you do you will hear the first blip. Then you slide your finger to the next blip, or to the third blip. So, to go home for example, place one finger at the very bottom of the screen, and you will hear a short blip sound. Now, slide your finger up until you hear the next blip and feel a little haptic prompt, then immediately lift your finger. Now you are home, to open the App Switcher, do not stop at that second blip, but keep swiping farther up to the third blip.

So again, to go home, slide one finger up from the bottom of the screen until you hear the second sound. To open the App Switcher, slide one finger up until you hear the third sound. Similarly, to use the Control Center, slide one finger down from the top of the screen until you hear the second sound. To open Notification Center, swipe one finger down until you hear the third sound.

Use the Side Button to Turn on Voiceover, turn your phone off, and activate Siri. Double-click the side button to use Apple Pay or make purchases from the iTunes Stores, like the App Store.

This is also the sleep button (also known as the Side button), so pressing it once will make the phone sleep or wake up. You can also raise the phone or tap the screen to wake it up. To turn off the phone, press and hold the Side Button and either Volume button until you feel a haptic prompt. To activate Emergency SOS, continue holding Side Button and either Volume Button for a few more seconds.

To take a screen shot, press and then quickly release the Side Button and the Volume Up button.

During normal operation, to wake up your phone, simply tap the screen, then hold it near your face to unlock it. This will display notification previews. You can now go home by swiping up as described above. 

Screenshot: Simultaneously press and quickly release the Side button and Volume Up button (used to be the simultaneously press and hold the Home and Power button)

Turn off the iPhone: Press and hold the Side button, then double tap the “Slide to Power Off” button (used to be the press and hold the Power button, then double tap the “Slide to Power Off”)

Activate Apple Pay: Double click the Side button (used to be the double click the Home button)

New Gestures replacing function of the Home button

Starting at the bottom of the screen and slide one finger up. You will feel three haptic vibrations referred to as “clicks” (similar to the old “click” when pressing the Home button). Each of these three clicks will activate a function. Note: The first click alerts you that you are in the feature.

Swipe up gestures:

To go home, swipe up with one finger until you feel the first vibration. 

To go to the app switcher, swipe up with one finger until you feel a 2nd vibration.

Swipe down gestures:

Swipe down from the top right corner to the first vibration to open Control Center.

Swipe down to the second vibration to open Notification Center.

Along with each vibration is an audible blip sound which can be quite helpful. There is also a blip when you first place your finger on the top or bottom edge of the phone.

Note:  You can still use the gestures of swiping up with three fingers to open the Control Center and swiping down with three fingers to open the Notification Center: after you have brought focus to any item on the Status Bar.

How to Get Notified When a New Podcast Episode is available: Rita’s iDevice Advice for December 2, 2019

How to Get Notified When a New Podcast Episode is available:  Rita’s iDevice Advice for December 2, 2019 

If you have favorite shows in the Podcasts app, but keep forgetting to check for new episodes, you will benefit from turning on notifications so you can keep up to date.

On the other hand; if you are subscribed to several podcasts, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the new episode notifications. Here is how to customize your Podcasts notifications, so you’re informed about the shows you really want to listen to, while silencing notification about the ones you only occasionally tune into.


Note:  These instructions were written for sighted persons, who are not using voiceOver.  If you are using VoiceOver:  when the instructions say “Tap on an item”, perform a one finger double tap.


A NEW GOLDEN AGE OF AUDIO. There are thousands of podcasts. Who’s making them and how to listen.

Browse free audio episodes and shows about topics that range from comedy and science to news and politics in the Podcasts app on your Apple iOS device.


How to Customize Your Podcast Notifications

This applies to the native Apple Podcasts App:

1.  Open the Settings app.

2.  Scroll down and select Podcasts.

3.  Tap Notifications.

4.  Toggle Allow Notifications to on.

5.  Select how you want to be notified.

6.  You can enable sounds as well.

Now, you can select which podcasts are allowed to send you notifications.

1.  Tap Podcast Notification Settings.

2.  If a podcast is toggled to green, then you’ll receive notifications for that podcast.

3.  If a podcast is toggled to gray, then you won’t receive notifications for that podcast.

4.  Tap Done when you’ve finished customizing your Notifications.


As you subscribe to more podcasts you can use this method to update your notification preferences.


There are thousands of Podcasts available:  here are some Podcasts of my favorites that might be of interest…

“The Retirement Answer Man”

Host: Roger Whitney, a financial adviser with WWK Wealth Advisors in San Antonio

“Retirement Starts Today”

Host: Benjamin Brandt, founder and president of Capital City Wealth Management, a financial-planning company 

The Disney Food Blog DFB on the YouTube Channel

The DIS:  all about Disney World

Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me on NPR

The Moth Podcast:  live stories available on NPR

Stur-It-Up at

search TTJ Talk from the Search tab on the Apple Podcasts app

2019 TTJ Holiday Gift Guide Now Available

The TTJ Holiday Gift Guide for 2019 is now available. This guide contains our top picks, favorite products that we personally use and highly recommend. If you are looking for the perfect gifts for your loved ones, or maybe even for yourself, this guide has your answers. Some of the products in our gift guide include:

  • Apple iPad Pro 11 Inch
  • Apple iPad, Seventh Generation
  • Logitech Slim Folio Pro for iPad Pro
  • Apple Smart Keyboard
  • Apple Pencil, Second Generation
  • Logitech Crayon
  • Anker PowerPort II
  • Apple USB C Digital AV Multi Port Adaptor
  • Hyperdrive 6 In One USB C Hub for iPad Pro
  • Apple iPhone XR
  • Apple iPhone 11
  • Apple AirPods
  • AppleTV HD or 4K
  • Apple Watch Series 4 or Series 5
  • Apple HomePod
  • Amazon Echo Show 5
  • Amazon Echo Dot
  • Amazon Basics Microwave
  • Sunbeam 1.7 Cubic FT Refrigerator Beverage Center
  • Mr. Coffee 12 Cup Switch Coffee Maker
  • Friday Lock
  • We only Mini Smart Plug
  • IHome ISP 6 Smart Plug
  • Canary Pro All-In-One Security System
  • DLink OMNA 180Cam HD Camera
  • Logitech Circle 2
  • And lots more.
  • To listen to the complete holiday guide, check out our TTJ Talk Podcast.

    How to turn Live Photos into videos:

    How to Turn Live Photos into Videos on an iPhone & iPad:  Rita’s iDevice Advice for November 25, 2019


    For this to work, you need to have iOS 13 software running on your Apple iOS device.


    Apple’s Live Photos are fun, three-second videos that capture a brief period of movement and sound, rather than a standard, static picture. These moving pictures can be turned into GIFs, used as your Lock screen, still photos can be saved from them, and more. With iOS 13, Live Photos have a new, fun capability. you can now make videos out of two or more Live Photos.


    An example of how this might work:

    I had several Live Photos” of a recent family gathering.  I was able to go in to the “Live Photos” album and Select 5 Live Photos to make in to a short video.


    When you are running VoiceOver:  Live Photos can be fun to hear a three second recording that goes along with the photo.  When the Live Photo is opened on your iOS device, tap three fingers on the middle of the screen to bring the VoiceOver focus to the picture and it will attempt to give a audible description of the picture.  If you perform a “Long Press” action, which is a one finger double tap and hold gesture, then you will hear the three second of sound that was captured when the Live Photo was taken.


    Note These below instructions were written for sighted persons, who are not using voiceOver.  If you are using VoiceOver:  when the instructions say “Tap on an item”, perform a one finger double tap



    How to Turn 2 or More Live Photos into a Video:

    1.  Open the Photos app.

    2.  Navigate to the Albums tab and find your Live Photos under Media Types.

    3.  Find the Live Photos that you’d like to use to create your video, tap the first one, then tap the Share icon.

    When running VoiceOver, perform a one finger double tap gesture on the “Select” button which is in the upper right hand corner of the list of Live Photos in the Live Photos Album.  You will need to select all the Live Photos you want in the video and then choose the “Share” option, which will be at the bottom left hand corner of the screen.  Then choose “Save as Video”.


    4.  After you tap the Share icon, you’ll see the next photos in your Live Photo series; tap the other Live Photos you’d like to include in your video.

    5.  Scroll down and tap Save as Video.

    6.  Your Live Photos are now combined into a video; to view the video, navigate to the Albums tab, then tap Recents.

    7.  Tap the video in your Recents tab to watch, edit, and share it.

    TTJ Announces Extended Hours for Holiday Shoppers!

    The Tech Juggernaut just announced a major Black Friday Promotion on TTJ services. Now, we are pleased to also announce that we will have extended phone hours for anyone interested in shopping for tech over the Thanks Giving and Black Friday weekend. Call us to take advantage of free shopping assistance, beginning at 6PM Eastern on Thursday, running straight through till 2AM that night. Then, Friday, Saturday, and Cyber Monday, we will be open from 10 AM to midnight each day. During this time, call us at 814-287-9178 to find the best deals on all the tech you want. We will be  scouring the internet for the best discounts from all our favorite stores, so you will always get the most bang for your buck. We can’t wait to serve you this holiday season.

    TTJ Black Friday Promo: Save Up to $130 on Select Packages

    The Thanks Giving holiday is fast approaching once again, and with it, the holiday shopping season, beginning with Black Friday. This year, The Tech Juggernaut is pleased to offer major savings for our customers purchasing TTJ services. From 6PM on Thursday, November 28, through 11:59 PM on Monday, December 2, 2019, customers who purchase both our Premium Support One Year package and our TTJ Thirty Hour Gold Training Package will receive huge savings. This combination of services normally costs $400, during this special promotion, we will instantly take $100 off the price, for a new low of just $300 for both services.

    Sound awesome? That’s not all. If you use Apple Pay Cash to pay for these services, we will take an additional 10% off, for a grand new low of just $270.00. That’s a savings of $130 on our best services. Purchasing just one service? You’ll still receive 20% off, plus an additional 5% off if you use Apple Pay Cash. Plus, contact us for free shopping assistance, so you can get the best deals on all of your gadgets, like Apple iPads, other Apple products, accessories, appliances, and more. Stay tuned for our extended hours announcement and our upcoming holiday gift guide to learn more, and give us a call during our Black Friday promotion to take advantage of all these benefits.