How to remove location information when you are sharing a photo in the photos app

How To Remove Your Location Information From Shared Photos:  Rita’s iDevice for July 6, 2020

Sharing pictures from your iPhone can be useful, but that doesn’t mean you also want to share the data attached to the photo. Not everyone needs to know where a picture was taken, especially not when it comes to posting your pictures online. You can control how and when your location  data is shared directly from the Photos app.

Note:  These instructions were written for sighted persons, who are not using voiceOver.  If you are using VoiceOver:  when the instructions say “Tap on an item”, perform a one finger double tap.

1.  In the Photos app, locate an image you want to share.

2.  Tap the share icon.

When running VoiceOver:  The Share option is represented by a rectangle with an up-pointing arrow, or three dots.

3.  Now, tap Options.

4.  Toggle All Photos Data to off.

5.  Tap Done.

Additional information about Share Sheet options, related to sharing photos:

Share Sheets allow you to easily share photos. To the sighted user, the Share icon in most apps will appear as three dots. Voiceover users will typically hear the word, “Share”.

When you share a photo or document, receive a suggestion about who you might want to share it with and which app you may want to use, so you can share with just a tap.

Easily see how many people around you are available for Airdrop.  Apps are even intelligently sorted based on the content you are sharing.

in a photo. Simply tap on any name (double-tap for VO users), to share quickly with that person.

Some apps, like Photos and Safari, allow you to choose custom options before sharing. To the left of the sharing suggestions, you will find the name of what you are trying to share, or the number of items that are being shared With Voiceover on, swipe up or down on this info area until you hear “Options”. Sighted users can tap the blue Options button. In Safari, you’ll be able to choose whether you are sending the website as HTML or as a PDF. With Photos, choose to disable the sharing of the location where the photo was taken. Tap Back when you’re finished.

Important: Please Read! New Zoom Info For All Help Sessions

As you may know, The Tech Juggernaut hosts weekly virtual help sessions using the Zoom Cloud Meetings platform. TTJ has recently been informed that Zoom will now require higher levels of meeting security. To comply with these new requirements, TTJ will be implementing a meeting passcode for all future help and training sessions.

This means that effective immediately, you will need to use the below passcode, in addition to the typical Meeting ID, in order to join our virtual help sessions. Alternatively if you use a join link, you will need to use a new link, also provided below. Attempting to use the previous join link will result in a failure to join. Only the new join link, provided below, contains the necessary passcode. Please use the below information to join all TTJ virtual help sessions from now on:

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How to search for pictures in the photos appHow to search for pictures in the photos app

How To Search For Specific Pictures In The Photos App, on your Apple iOS Device:  Rita’s iDevice for June 29, 2020

This search feature is handy when you’ve taken a photo a while ago and can’t find it manually.

Open the Photos app and search for a key term in the app, and all the photos that match should appear.

That’s because Apple has designed the Photos app to recognize scenes and objects using machine learning.

You can even search for events, like a concert you went to: “Photos for iOS can use the time and location of your photos along with online event listings to find matching photos.”

It is also possible to search by location, so you can enter a place name  such as Pensacola, to track down photos of your trip to this beach destination.

First, open the Photos app on your iPhone.

Next, tap on the Search tab in the bottom right-hand corner:  which has a magnifying glass as its icon.

Then simply type in the name of a place, a search term, or even a person’s name (if they’re assigned in your Photos app) to find matches.

Search for a key term in the app, and all the photos that match should appear.

When you are running VoiceOver: you can add a text label to the photos in your Photos App.

There are a few Ways you can get a photo described to you right in the Apple photos app. For one thing, as you are swiping through your photos, you can perform a three finger single tap on the photo to hear a description, also often read automatically, of what is in the photo. You might hear things like, table, chair, two people. This is just an example. When doing this, make sure that your screen curtain is off, and that the brightness is not set to zero. next, while you can of course listen to videos that you may have taken, you can also do this with Live Photos. If you have the live photo setting turned on in the camera, Open a live photo, then double tap and hold where it says live photo. You will hear a couple seconds of audio. This, combined with the description voiceover gives you, can often be enough to determine much about the photo. Beyond this, if you have some cited help, you can name the people in your various photos, so that going forward, voiceover will tell you who is in every photo you have. You can also search for photos based upon topics, events, people, dates, and locations. Finally, if you are certain of what a particular photo is, you can use the two finger double tap and hold on any photo, to open the voiceover label element feature. Then you can provide a descriptive label for each of your photos.

to assign a VoiceOver label to pictures in the Photos app, do the following:

Open the Photos app and go to the four tabs that are at the bottom of the screen. locate  the picture by Selecting the “Albums” tab and select  “Recents” view.

Each picture  will already be labeled with a date and time.

Open the picture that you want to assign a text label to, with a one finger double tap.  Flick right until you hear the date and time that the photo was taken: for example “November 26, 10:15AM.

Perform a two finger double tap and hold on the second tap.

You will hear a three long beep sound.  This brings up the on screen keyboard and places the VoiceOver cursor in the first element of a editable text field.

Type the name of the photo: such as “picture of  our cats under the Christmas tree”.

Then locate the “Save” button which is located near the upper right hand side of the screen, or you can keep flicking left with one finger until you locate the Save button and Perform a one finger double tap.

Your photo will now have a text label when you are in the Recents album of your photos app.

How to use the Vertical Scroll Bar on an Apple iOS device

How to Use the Vertical Scroll Bar on an Apple iOS Device:  Rita’s iDevice for June 22, 2020

Scrolling the iPhone can be tedious.  You can quickly master the art of iPhone scrolling by using the Vertical Scroll Bar.

1.  Open any app that uses the scroll bar, such as Safari or Photos

2.  Locate the scroll bar on the right hand side of the screen.

3.  Long press and hold the scroll bar.

4.  Holding down with your finger, you can now drag the scroll bar up and down the screen.

When running VoiceOver:  You will hear percentages related to scrolling.  Such as 10%, 40%, 80%, etc.

When running voiceOver:  you can also flick up with three fingers to scroll one page at a time.

More Explanation About The Vertical Scroll Bar:

This is a useful tool to quickly get where you want to be in places where there are many pages.  Instead of flicking up with three fingers to go one page at a time, you can use the Vertical Scroll Bar.  For example:  if you are in the News app and there are many pages of stories…  Touch with one finger

on the top right-hand side of the screen, just below the status line.  This is like the “Table Index Scroll Bar when you are in the main route of the Contacts app.  You can now flick up or down to go quickly at percentage rates.  You can also touch the Vertical Scroll Bar at the far bottom right of the screen,

once you have performed a four-finger single tap gesture at the bottom of your screen, and this takes you to the last page at 100%.

To quickly get to the top of a large document or place where there are multiple pages, you can jump to the top by bringing focus to the status bar and double tap. This jumps you to the top.

How to Join Today’s TTJ Live Events

Reminder: Apple will be holding a special keynote event to day, to kick off its annual World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC). The Tech Juggernaut will be hosting a pre-game show and viewing party at 12 Noon Eastern, 11AM Central today, Monday, June 22. We will also meet back in our Zoom conference immediately following Apple’s Keynote event. We would love for you to join us. Read on for instructions on how to join each event:

TTJ Events:

Both our Pregame Show, and the Follow-Up Recap and Q and A session, will take place in Zoom. To join, use Meeting ID 3116952583.Or you may join directly by tapping This Link.

Alternatively, you may join our live stream by visiting our YouTube Channel.

Remember, events begin at Noon Eastern, with special guests, fun activities, Keynote projections and expectations, and much more. Then, we reconvene immediately after the Keynote ends, approximately 3:30PM Eastern, so use the same Zoom and YouTube info above.

Apple Keynote:

Apple’s Special Keynote Event itself can be streamed from the Apple TV app on any Apple device, from the TVOS Apple Events app, from the WWDC app for iOS and iPad OS, or by visiting

Don’t miss this awesome event, and be sure to join TTJ as we celebrate and watch together.:)

TTJ Announces Live Stream Viewers Party, Zoom Q and A, and More

On Monday, June 22, 2020, Apple will hold its annual World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) Keynote Event. This special keynote is the beginning of a week-long conference, but the keynote in particular, grasps the attention of Apple fans young and old, as new features, new software, and sometimes even new products are announced. This year’s event will be digital only, and Apple says it will be the biggest WWDC ever. To celebrate this awesome event, The Tech Juggernaut will be offering several awesome opportunities for you to join us in watching and discussing the event.

First, at 12 Noon Eastern, 11AM Central, the TTJ Instructor Team will go live, for a sort of pregame show. As we enjoy our pregame snacks, we will discuss last year’s WWDC, our expectations for this year, and much more. Special guests, and even a few surprises, will be part of this live stream (stump the instructors anyone?), so be sure to join us. Stay tuned to the TTJ Blog for details on how to join live and be part of our audience.

The actual Apple Keynote Event kicks off at 1PM Eastern. During that time, we will be active on Twitter and other forms of social media, but you can also tune in live to the keynote to see the announcements for yourself.

Immediately after the keynote ends, we will head to Zoom for a recap and Q and A session. To join any of the above events, look for a separate blog post, coming soon, on how to join each event. Mark your calendar now so you’ll be sure to remember. You won’t want to miss it!

TTJ Is Now On YouTube!

The Tech Juggernaut is thrilled to announce that we now have our very own YouTube Channel. Here you will find video demos and tutorials, product reviews, TTJ Instructor Team live events, and so much more. Be sure to check back often to enjoy new TTJ videos.

This YouTube channel is one more way for you to become part of the TTJ family, and it complements our growing portfolio of social and media options, including our TTJ Talk Podcast, the TTJ Blog, and more. We couldn’t be happier about how YouTube reaches a worldwide audience with great content, and we can assure you that r TTJ content will not disappoint!:)

Visit Our YouTube Channel

Using voice over to see a weekly list view of events on your calendar, on an iPad

Accessing a List of Events On an iPad, Using VoiceOver:  Rita’s iDevice Advice for June 15, 2020

This information was composed through collaboration with those of us who are with the TTJTECH.NET Team, who are teaching  VoiceOver Classes.

With the Calendar app on iPad, you can view your calendar by day, week, month, or by the entire year. The Voiceover Rotor makes it possible to quickly jump from one event to the next. The effect of this is to provide Voiceover users with a list of all your events within a given time. We suggest trying this in Week View. First, double-tap the Week View icon at the top of the screen to make sure it is selected. Next, tap once anywhere in the middle of the screen to bring focus to the main part of the Calendar. Now, set the Rotor to Events. Begin swiping up and down with one finger to move from event to event within the specified week. Swiping up moves you to, and selects, the previous event, while swiping down moves to, and selects, the next event. Individual events appear first, followed by all-day events, such as holidays, birthdays, and so on. To move to the next week, swipe left with three fingers. To go to the previous week, swipe right with three fingers. If you wish to jump to the current week, double-tap the Today button near the bottom of the screen.

Remember that you can also search for specific dates or events. Additionally, you can ask Siri for information about specific events or dates. Try summoning using Siri, then saying something like:

“What’s on my Calendar for tomorrow?

Do I have any events scheduled for June 15th?

When is my Mom’s birthday?

Or: When is my Dentist Appointment?

You can also use Spotlight Search to find events in the Calendar. From the Home Screen, with focus on the main part of the Home Screen, swipe down with three fingers to open Spotlight, then enter your search term.

Note that iPad users can also add the Up Next or Calendar Widgets as Favorite Widgets on the Home Screen, thus displaying the next event along side Home Screen apps.

TTJ Announces Summer Schedule of Virtual Help Sessions

Since March, 2020, The Tech Juggernaut has been holding virtual help sessions, where anyone can join, free of charge, to ask questions about Apple products and related accessories, apps, services, and more. We are pleased to announce that these help sessions will continue through the rest of the summer. After Thursday June 18, we will begin operating in our summer training hours. At that point, we will hold virtual help sessions once per week. These sessions will take place every Wednesday, beginning Wednesday, June 24, 2020 at 3PM Eastern, 2PM Central. Sessions will continue weekly, with the final summer help session to be held on September 2, 2020. We will announce plans for our Fall and Spring Training Season in early August.

At TTJ Virtual Help Sessions, everyone is welcome. Imagine your own service and support appointment, conducted remotely using the Zoom Cloud Meetings platform, where every person gets approximately ten minutes to ask questions about Apple devices, Apple and third-party apps, accessories, TV streaming, Wi-Fi networking, home automation and home security, cell phone providers, and much more. This is the format of our awesome Virtual help sessions, and we can’t wait for you to experience it.

To join, just use Zoom Meeting ID:


Or join directly with This Link.

For more information and all TTJ Events, visit our Schedule Page.

Instruction on how to use the apple notes app on your iOS device

ACB Technology zoom conference call. Whether you want to jot down a simple note, create a Christmas list, or write more complex text notes, join Matt Vollbrecht, Certified Apple Teacher, for this session. Learn about the features and functions of the Notes app for iOS
Meeting ID: 886 5335 9722
Password: 334817