TTJ Announces Dates For Upcoming Free Courses – Registration For All Courses Open Now

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At our recent Instructor Summit 2019, The Tech Juggernaut unveiled a series of free training courses available during the Fall 2019-Spring 2020 training season. At that time we indicated that more information would follow soon. Today, we are pleased to announce numerous additional details about these awesome upcoming courses. Keep reading for further details.

General Course Info:

The Tech Juggernaut has a team of Five instructors who are either certified Apple Teachers or who have equivelant experience. Each year, we offer courses on using Apple products to any interested participants. While our courses are for anyone, we do include a particularly strong emphasis on the Voiceover screen reader. This year, we have announced four awesome courses (see below for details). Each course wil take place once or twice per week, depending on the course, on Mondays and Wednesdays, from 3:30PM to 5:30PM Eastern Time. Specific dates and course overviews are below.

Course Dates and Overviews:

The following courses are being offered, and enrollment is open now:

Tech 300: iOS At the Next Level:

This course will meet once per week, beginning Monday, September 9 at 3:30 PM Eastern, and concluding on September 30, 2019. Ready to take your Apple products to the next level? Unleash the power of iOS 13 and iPad OS. Since their inception, iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch devices have offered incredible capabilities for work, play, creativity, learning, and much more. In September 2019, Apple will release iOS 13 and iPad OS – the next major evolutions of their incredible, feature-rich operating systems for these devices. The number of changes and new features is astronomical. Some people are saying that this year will bring the largest number of changes and new features in a single update in the history of the iPhone and iPad. Almost every Apple app has received at least one powerful change or new feature to make you more productive, creative, and overall more thrilled with your favorite devices. Of particular note, the iPad has received major desktop-class features, such as remote SMB support, multitasking within apps, automatic rendering of desktop versions of all websites, and more.

In our course, we will begin by helping you to ensure that your devices are ready for the massive updates. We’ll then begin discussing new features, tips and tricks, Voiceover changes and new features, and generally how to get the most out of the most powerful versions of iOS and iPad OS in history. Sign up For this course today, and find out why installing iOS 13 and iPad OS will make you feel like you’ve gotten entirely new devices!

Tech 301: Living the Connected Digital Life

This course takes place every Monday from October 7 through November 25, 2019, 3:30PM to 5:30 PM Eastern.

What is the Connected Digital Life (CDL)? At TTJ, we define it as:

All your important data and all the digital content that matters to you, available on all your devices, no matter where you go. We’ve redesigned and enhanced this course for 2019. In this awesome course, you’ll learn how to use powerful Apple features like iCloud, Hand Off, Continuity, and more to ensure that all your Calendar events, Reminders, Notes, Messages, music, photos, movies and TV shows, documents, to-do lists, grocery lists, and more, are available automatically and instantly, no matter where you go. Plus, you’ll learn how to answer phone calls on your iPad, Apple Watch, and HomePod. Pay for purchases right from your phone. Wirelessly share large files in an instant. Have your home get ready for your arrival – and much, much more. As if that’s not enough, you’ll learn about cutting the cord and replacing your traditional television services with AppleTV. We’ll even discuss digital phone services, home security, Apple HomeKit and home automation, Apple CarPlay, Apple AirPlay 2, and more. If you want to make the most of your Apple products, learn about new and exciting features that integrate all of your products, and perhaps even enhance your digital life with new products and services, then don’t miss out on this power-packed eight week course.

Tech 302: Learning Voiceover In and Out

This course meets twice per week, every Monday and Wednesday, from January 13 through April 1, 2020, 3:30PM to 5:30PM Eastern time.

Whether you have been a user of Apple’s Voiceover screen reader on the iPhone since it was first introduced in 2009, or whether you are completely new to the iPhone and Voiceover, this course is for you. Voiceover is a powerful, life-changing screen reader that’s built into every Apple product. With Voiceover, you can independently use your Apple devices right out of the box – including initial setup. Join us for this awesome course, no matter what your current skill level. We’ll begin with the basics, including setting up a new device, configuring Touch ID and Face ID, and basic navigation gestures. We’ll then learn about the Voiceover Rotor, how to access Voiceover help, and how to use basic apps like Phone, Messages, Calendar, Contacts, and Notes. Yet it doesn’t stop there. By the end of the course, you will have been shown how to listen to music, watch TV shows and movies, surf the web, send and read email, create stunning word processing and page layout documents, configure your devices, and perform other advanced tasks. We’ll even discuss best practices for exploring new apps, so you will be able to learn new apps and accessibility features for yourself. Plus, many common third-party apps will be discussed and demonstrated. Want to use Voiceover with a Bluetooth keyboard, a Braille display, Braille Screen Input, or handwriting? No problem. Those topics will also be covered in this ground up, soup-to-nuts course. Are you a teacher who works with students who use Voiceover? We’ll also show you tips and tricks that will help you facilitate Voiceover use by your students. We’ll even take you further by offering special lab sessions. There’s something for everyone in this course, so we can’t think of any reason why you shouldn’t sign up today.

Tech 303: iPad For All Computing – Replacing Your Traditional Computer With an iPad

This course meets every Monday and Wednesday from March 6 through May 20, 2020, 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM Eastern Time.

The iPad was introduced as a magical and revolutionary product back in 2010. Since that time, its capabilities and features have grown by leaps and bounds. Today, Apple’s iPads are every bit as powerful as traditional desktop and laptop computers – and equally capable, while being significantly easier to use and more secure. It is truly possible for most people to entirely replace their traditional computer with an iPad. In this course, continually refined since we first taught it, you’ll learn how to do just that – use an iPad for all your computing needs. This course is packed full of awesome topics. Learn basic tasks, like staying organized with Callendar, Notes, Reminders, and more, using Siri, playing music, and watching TV. But then, the fun really begins. You’ll learn how to create beautiful word processing documents, stunning Multimedia presentations, and powerful and informative spreadsheets. Learn how to make awesome audio and music projects, create and edit your own movies, collaborate with others in real time, and how to share your work with the world. We’ll even discuss website creation, creating your own digital books, apps and features great for teachers and students, business features like accepting credit card payments, powerful design features, and much, much more. Learn how to print documents, use external storage, download files, manage and create Zip archives, and more. Plus, learn about great third-party apps, various accessories, and how to interface with projectors, microphones and mixers, and Lots more. Take advantage of our special lab sessions to learn even more. There’s never been a better time to replace your computer with an iPad, and we think there’s never been a better way to learn how, than to sign up for this awesome iPad course!

How to Participate:

Once you register for any of our courses (see below), we’ll be in touch with you with all the information you’ll need to join. We will use several platforms to facilitate these courses. We use the Zoom Cloud Meetings app to offer real-time, live sessions to all our participants over the Internet. We also use the iTunes U app to provide materials, audio and video demos, written guides, web links, assignments, discussions, and more to all participants. Both apps are free, and more information will be provided once you’ve successfully registered.

For now, please be sure that you register below. Also ensure that you follow our blog at TTJ, as this will be the primary mode of providing additional details as we approach the start of each course.

Register Now:

Registration is open immediately, and is on a first come first served basis. So don’t wait; enroll now! All oF our courses listed above are now accepting students. To register, click Here.

Got questions? Contact Us.

Free TTJ Courses Announced

Great news! In our recent TTJ Instructor Summit Live Stream and Podcast, the TTJ Instructor team announced plans to offer four free courses over the Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 Training Season. A brief summary of each course will be provided below. Students of all ages may participate in these courses online at no charge. The courses being offered are as follows:

IOS At the Next Level (Fall 2019, four weeks):

The iPhone and iPad have already offered incredible power and functionality. However, with the release of iOS 13 and iPad OS, the capabilities of these devices will increase astronomically. This course is being offered for proficient users of iOS devices, with or without Voiceover, and will provide details and walk-throughs of changes, new features, and how to make the most of everything Apple has added to these amazing platforms.

Living the Connected Digital Life (Fall 2019, 8 weeks)

What is the Connected Digital Life? It means having all of your data, documents, music, photos, TV, and much more, available to you everywhere you go, on all your devices. It means having your home Get ready for you when you return. It means taking a powerful experience, and everything that’s important to you, on the road, to the office or school, at home, and everywhere else. In this course, you’ll learn about features, apps, and services that make the Connected Digital Life possible. Topics such as iCloud, Apple Pay, Continuity, Handoff, cutting the cord with AppleTV and streaming services, VOIP phone services, HomeKit, home automation and security, home theater solutions, and many others will be covered in this awesome course.

Learning Voiceover In and Out (Spring 2020, 12 weeks):

If you are a proficient Voiceover user, or if you have never even begun to use Voiceover or an iPhone, this course is for you. Beginning with the basics, working all the way up to advanced features, this course truly offers something for everyone. You’ll learn how to navigate and activate content, set up a device, use Touch ID and Face ID, open apps, use the Rotor, and much more. You will also be introduced to numerous Apple and third-party apps that will help you to communicate, work, play, learn, create, stay organized, express yourself, and much more. You’ll even learn how to take notes and create powerful and beautiful word processing documents using iOS and Voiceover. Braille displays, Braille Screen Input, Bluetooth Keyboards, and handwriting wil also be covered. This course will feature special lab sessions to help you take learning to the next level.

IPad For All Computing – Replacing Your Traditional Computer With an iPad (Spring 2020, seven weeks):

The iPad is truly capable of completely replacing your traditional desktop or laptop computer and becoming the only computer you’ll ever need. In this powerful course, you’ll learn how to make the iPad your full time computing solution, with and without Voiceover. Learn about all the powerful Apple apps, and many third-party apps, available to you for education, personal use, small to medium businesses, creatives, students and teachers, and much, much more. Learn about creating and editing audio projects, movies, podcasts, books, word processing and desktop publishing documents, multimedia presentations, spreadsheets, websites, and more. Learn about powerful accessories that will help the iPad interface with just about any device you’ll come across. Learn how to download and work with files, how to enjoy live and On Demand television on your iPad, how to take control of your home, how to accept credit card payments, how to perform tasks such as research and writing reports, and much more. This course includes special lab sessions to help you take learning to the next level.

Find Out More:

The first of these awesome courses will begin next month. Exact course dates and schedules will be announced later this week. Be sure to stay tuned to the TTJ Blog to find out more about dates, schedules, and how to participate in these awesome courses.

Check This Out! Experience Cord Cutting With AppleTV Today!

The Tech Juggernaut has been promoting the AppleTV, along with a variety of apps and services, as an alternative to traditional cable and satellite services. In fact, this week our TTJ Talk Podcast will begin a series on how awesome it really is to replace your traditional TV service with AppleTV. Now, we are excited to take things to a whole new level. We’re so excited about the AppleTV, and we believe so strongly that digital streaming is the future of television, that we want you to try it out for yourself right now, risk free, with absolutely no obligations. That’s right. We’re going to bring cord cutting into your home at no cost, so you can try it and decide whether it’s right for you! Introducing: the TTJ Stream It My Way Offering!

With TTJ Stream It My Way, Central Pennsylvania residence wil have a chance to experience up to two weeks of using an AppleTV in their own home (see offer terms below). The process begins with a free, two hour, in-person consultation. See a demo of the AppleTV in action while enjoying snacks and beverages on us. Complete our short survey about how you watch TV, what channels you like, and more. Because every individual, couple, and family has their own way of watching TV, and their own personal favorite content, there’s not always a one-size-fits-all solution. But, that’s ok. After our in-person consult, we will recommend to you the services that we feel will best meet your needs. We’ll show you exactly what channels and features you’ll get, and we’ll give you the estimated monthly cost, so you can see just how much you’ll be saving by cutting the cord.

If you don’t like our proposal, it’s back to the drawing board. If you do, that’s where the fun really begins. The Tech Juggernaut will lend you one AppleTV to try in your home. Put it in the living room, move it to the kitchen or bedroom. Use it however you want, and experience the services, channels, and features we’ve recommended. This way, you won’t be forced to make a decision about cutting the cord without first experiencing it for yourself. After all, we know TV is your relaxation after a long day, and we don’t want that experience to become stressful for you.

If after a week or two you decide you do not wish to proceed with the AppleTV and cutting the cord, just let us know. We’ll come collect the AppleTV from you and ensure that all your free trials are completely canceled, so you won’t be billed for a thing – case closed. Everything wil be exactly as it was before we ever entered your lives, and you won’t hear from us again – unless you want to.

If however, as we predict, you find that cutting the cord with AppleTV is the right decision for you and your family, we will help you order all the AppleTV boxes and anything else you’ll need, and we’ll make sure everything about your TV services is exactly as you want it. What could be better? You’ve got nothing to lose!

But that’s not all. We’re going to sweeten the offer even more. If you decide to try out our offering on or before Labor Day, we’ll knock 20% off the cost of the AppleTV System Setup (should you decide to proceed after the in-home experience), and we’ll even throw in a free gift. So why wait? In fact, don’t wait! Call or email us to learn more and set up your in-home demo today!

Offer Terms:

Initial consultation is required. Participants must have a working television, capable of at least 720P HD (1080P or 4K highly recommended), and must be willing to allocate one working HDMI port for the use of the AppleTV. Participants must also have a reliable high-speed internet connection (at least 15MBPS), and must have in-home Wi-Fi in order to qualify for this offering. In some cases, 15MBPS wil not be satisfactory for us to proceed, and this is at the sole discretion of TTJ. TTJ will test your internet speed and Wi-Fi signal strength during the process, and we reserve the right to refuse to proceed with the in-home trial offer if we do not feel your internet or Wi-Fi meets our expectations.

The offering is valid one time per household per 12 month period – no exceptions. To proceed, customers must be at least 18 years of age and must be a resident of Central Pennsylvania. TTJ reserves the right to refuse anyone due to distance or any other factors, at the sole discretion of TTJ. Customers should be prepared to present a valid form of identification as well as a valid payment method, though nothing will be charged to the payment method under normal circumstances. A digital signed contract will be required to proceed with the offering.

The in-home experience may require you, the customer, to sign up for one or more free trials of otherwise paid services. While you can keep the AppleTV device for up to two weeks, many free trials for various popular TV services last far less, such as only seven days. If you wish to keep the AppleTV for the fulll two weeks and this goes beyond your service free trials, you are solely responsible for paying for one month of service for any and all services you wish to continue trying. These payments are non refundable, even if you do not keep the service after the second week. Most service free trials are available to customers only one time. Should you request a second in-home experience 12 months or more after the first, it is likely you will not qualify for free trials of the same TV services, even though the AppleTV lending at no charge will still apply. In this case, you must either select a different service to try, or pay for one, non refundable month of service of your choosing.

Participants in this program wil be lent one, 32GB AppleTV HD model, including Siri remote, power cord, and HDMI cable. If any part of this kit is damaged, lost, not returned, or not working in any way at the sole discretion of TTJ, you, the customer, will be solely responsible for the cost to replace affected components as follows:

$59 for Siri Remote

$19 for power cord or HDMI cable

$149 for AppleTV HD

Or any combination of the above.

For questions call 814-287-9178. Thank you.

Join Our Instructor Summit Live Stream on August 5, 2019

Your TTJ Instructor Team is going live! We are holding our first annual TTJ Instructors Summit August 3-7, 2019. This is a chance for our team to spend some quality, in-person time together. We will discuss last year’s course offerings as well as plans for the upcoming training season. We will also brain storm about new ideas to bring all of you an even better experience, as well as working together on beta software testing, team building, and lots more. Of course we expect to also enjoy a wide range of fun, recreational and relaxing activities with one another and our families.

For our TTJ customers, both present and future, the culmination of this event wil be our special live stream. During this time, we will answer your questions, discuss late-breaking tech news as well as summit highlights, and yes, we will announce our list of course offerings and more for the Fall 2019-Spring 2020 TTJ Training Season. Tune in live to the special event to find out every course we wil be offering, along with a variety of additional details. Also, come prepared to ask your tech-related questions and possibly have them answered live.

This special Instructor Summit Live Stream will take place on Monday, August 5, 2019 at 7PM Eastern. That’s 6PM Central, 5PM, Mountain, and 4PM Pecific. To join, follow @TalkTTJ on Twitter, or go directly to TTJTalk on Periscope, our platform of choice for the live stream. Please note that the start time is subject to change, so please stay tuned to the TTJ Blog for updates.

Unable to make it to our Live Stream? No problem. Submit your questions ahead of time via iMessage. Then, tune into our TTJ Talk Podcast, and the Stur It Up Podcast, both of which will offer the entire live stream as an episode. Send your iMessage to Please remember to keep it short and to the point – two or three sentences, or no more than a one minute audio recording. If you do not have an Apple device, you may send your questions (same guidelines) via email to

Kliph, Rita, Lynne, and I are all super excited for this event, and we can’t wait to see your great questions and comments. See you then!:)

TTJ Talk Is Now Available On Apple Podcasts!

The Tech Juggernaut is thrilled to announce that our new podcast, TTJ Talk, is now available on Apple Podcasts!

Apple Podcasts is our preferred platform, and we are incredibly excited, and thankful, to be able to offer TTJ Talk on this awesome and powerful platform. Now, millions of people can subscribe to TTJ Talk, and listen on the best devices in the world, including the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, AppleTV, and HomePod. Those who have Macintosh or PC devices may also listen in iTunes. On any Apple device, you can even ask Siri to play our podcast, by saying something like, “Play the TTJ Talk Podcast”.

TTJ Talk is a new podcast which aims to provide useful and interesting information on Apple and related technology and how it is impacting lives around the world. With new episodes being released at least once per week, our podcast will include guest interviews, product demos and reviews, tech news, tutorials, and our Tech Tip Tuesdays, where we’ll offer helpful tidbits to make using your devices even easier and more fun.

You can find and subscribe to TTJ Talk on Apple Podcasts by clicking This Link.

Users of other platforms can find subscribe links and the RSS feed link by clicking Here.

Upcoming Live Stream! Send In Your Questions!

I am thrilled to announce that we will be holding our very first live stream on Monday, July 8, 2019 at 1PM Eastern Daylight Time. That’s 12 Noon Central, 11AM Mountain, and 10AM Pacific. Trainer Kliph of Stur It Up wil be joining us, along with, perhaps, a few surprise guests. We would love to have all of you watching the live stream and asking your questions. Please read on for more information:

Live Stream Topic and General Info:

As stated, our live stream will be held on Monday, July 8, 2019 at 1:00:PM Eastern. We will be discussing the topics of replacing your traditional desktop or laptop with an iPad, and replacing your traditional television service with an Apple TV and internet-based streaming TV services. The live stream will be audio only – no video.

How to Listen:

Our live stream will take place using Periscope. You can download Periscope from the App Store if you do not already have the app. Creating an account with Periscope is quick, easy, and free. In fact, if you already use Twitter, you are all set. Just sign into Periscope using Twitter. You may also sign in with Facebook. Alternatively, you may create a new account.

After signing in or creating an account, be sure to search for and follow “TTJTalk”. You may also wish to follow me on Twitter @TalkTTJ. Enable notifications to find out when we go live, or open the Periscope app at 1PM Eastern on Monday to join the live stream.

How to Comment and Ask Questions:

While we cannot guarantee that all questions and comments will be addressed, and while reserve the right to choose the comments and questions we feature, we do welcome all questions and comments related to the specified topics of discussion stated above. Keep questions short and to the point – two or three sentences max, and include your first name. You may optionally include your town or city as well…such as “John from Atlanta”. Keep it clean and family friendly. Comments and questions with profanity or other content deemed inappropriate at the sole discretion of TTJ will be ignored.

There are several ways to leave comments and ask questions. First, you may send questions and comments via iMessage at any time, even now, right up through the live stream. Just use the Messages app on your Apple device to send iMessages to:

You may send text or audio messages. Audio messages must be no more than 30 seconds in length.

Voice messages may also be sent to us now and right up through the live stream, by visiting our Anchor Profile Page.

Finally, during the live stream itself, you may use the chat feature built directly into Periscope to chat with us. You may also tweet your questions during the stream to @TalkTTJ.

What If I Can’t Join Live?

No problem. The entire live stream will be recorded and made available as a podcast a few hours after the stream is finished. If you cannot attend live, please make sure to submit your questions ahead of time using one of the methods described above – Apple iMessage or Anchor voice message. We look forward to seeing you all for the live stream!:)

Calling All Willing Participants! Help Wanted!

Apple at its recent WWDC opening keynote, announced the upcoming release of iOS 13, iPad OS, TVOS 13, Watch OS 6, and Mac OS Catalina. As expected, these are major new software releases for all Apple platforms. However, this year promises to be even more exciting than typical releases, as all platforms include major new features and revisions.

Would you like a chance to help shape the final releases of this new software, discovering bugs and reporting them to Apple before the official releases occur? Are you a fairly competent user of one or more of the above Apple platforms? Do you possess a positive attitude and a strong work ethic for volunteer opportunities? If you answered yes, we would love for you to become a beta tester!

Apple each summer makes available public betas of most Apple platforms, and 2019 promises to be no different. Beginning this July, Apple will release public beta versions of iOS, iPad OS, TVOS, and Mac OS. Testers can install the beta software and receive a sneak preview of all the new features, while helping to perfect the final releases by discovering and reporting bugs and other issues. This is truly an incredible opportunity and an awesome experience – a chance to make a difference for millions of Apple users around the world. As beta testers, trainer Kliph and I run a support group for beta testers. Though not at all affiliated with Apple, we do help to facilitate the process and provide a forum for testers to discuss their findings, ask questions, and more. Since every Apple platform contains massive overhauls this year, we believe it is especially important to get as many beta testers as possible.

If you wish to become a part of this amazing experience, head on over to and sign in. Once you have agreed to the terms, including the nondisclosure agreement, please send a blank email to:

This will let us know of your interest in joining our beta testers support group. We will use this group to communicate going forward, including announcing the date of an important Zoom conference for beta testers.

If you have any questions before joining, please use email or iMessage to contact, or use one of the other means listed on our Contact page to get in touch, and let us know your name, your email address, and the fact that you wish to become a beta tester. Thank you.