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Hello, it’s been a busy time these days. So next up at SturItUp!

Podcast Recording

You don’t want to miss this one. We will discuss the Presidential election, was Trump cheated, Will Joe Biden clean up the country? As well as sports talk with the crew. Want to join in? Subscribe to the calendar, or click here on Wednesday at 8:00PM eastern, 7:00PM Central, 6:00PM Mountain, and 5:00PM Picific.

Iphone 12ProMax Unboxing

SturItUp has a preorder of the iPhone 12ProMax arriving on Friday, November 13, and we will be doing a unboxing live on the podcast. This one will be done from WebEx, stay tuned for that time.

Saturday Help Session

This Saturday at 1:00PM Eastern, 12:00PM Central, 11:00AM Mountain, and 10:00AM pacific will be the by weekly help session. Come with any questions related to Apple and its products.

Click here to join.

Also, don’t forget to check out, there are some events going on there this week also!

As usual, any questions, concerns, or suggestions. Email, or iMessage us

iMessage is preferred, but we will respond to any communication.

saturday session and guide lines

Saturday Help Session guide lines

Hello, thanks for signing up to join the Saturday help Sessions.  Brought to you by and hosted by When attending these sessions please follow these guidelines:
1.  Keep the background noise to a minimum.  Headset mics tend to pick up even the slightest movement.  If you know you will be multi tasking, please mute yourself.  You will have the ability to unmute when called on.  If you can’t keep the background noise down, then we will put you on a force mute.
2.  Please wait for your name to be called to unmute.  As stated above, you will be able to control muting and unmuting, and we want to be respectful of other participants time to ask questions and get support.
3.  If you have something to add to an answer, or have a similar question, put your brief comments in the Chat section, and we will try and get to you promptly.
4. Be respectful of others time, and don’t badger or be rude to each other.  We want this Help Session to be a safe, respectful, and inclusive environment.
5. Lastly, you may ask any question related to apple products, how to’s, software, and hardware.  Anything beyond that we will not answer.

Thanks for complying, and let’s have fun! Remember, this is every other Saturday starting October 31st. If you need some 1on1 training, contact and we will set something up. Subscribe to the calendar, so you won’t miss any events.
To Join the help session, Click here


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Calling for guests

Hello, on the up coming episode of Stur It Up, we are looking for guests who lost there site later in life. Teenage years, 20’s and beyond. We want to talk with you and help you share your story on how you coped with the lost, moved on, and the resources and support system you used. Just email us at

And we will send you more info. We Use the zoom cloud for meeting app, and the anchor app for recording. You can get them here



Hope to here from you soon.

Kliph’s Korner

Hello, some of you know me already, but for those who don’t. My name is Kliph, I have been working with Matt on a variety of projects over the last 4 plus years. So he asked me to be a guest writer on his blog. He is the one who called it “KliphsKorner”. Catchy name. My tip for the day is always make sure you use every resource availible to you. My 1st go to is google. Some still don’t know, but google has a world of information just waiting to be access. Ask a question on the web, with your phone, or with a google home, and google will dig and find the answer for you. Other resources. Of course you can always ask others who use the same devices as you, there is no greater teacher than experience. Join mailing lists. Matt and I run 1 called, “only apple talk and support” You can find it on Or send a blank email to

You will just put subscribe in the subject line, leave the body of the message blank, and send it. You will receive an email telling you to confirm, just reply without writing any text, and you are in. The last resource I will mention,is practice,practice, and more practice. I have been using IOS for almost 10 years, and I am still learning. So no matter how much you think you know,always practice, and try things on your own. Trial and error can only help you. In the long run, you may be able to help someone down the line who needs someone like you with all your resources, experience, and practice to guide them. And the best part, you will feel good about helping someone with all that you know.