Intro and other information about my groups


Most of you may already know me, but my name is Maria. I’m part of Matt’s instructor team. I came on here to give you some of my resources they’re mainly groups. First you can subscribe to my email list where we talk about anything Apple. like I always say, no question is a dumb question. so come on in and join us! just send a blank email to

also, I have a WhatsApp group with the same name. if you would like to join that, please email me your WhatsApp information to and I will add you.

Thanks everyone and see you in class on Monday.

how to back up your iOS devices before installing iOS 13

as you all know yesterday Apple released iOS 13 along with WatchOS 6.

Here I’m going to show you guys how to back up your iOS devices before installing iOS 13.

First, go into settings. Tap your name and Apple ID. Find the iCloud button and double tap. you should see a list of all of the apps that use iCloud. iCloud backup should be one of them. double tap on the button that says iCloud backup, on then flick until you here VoiceOver say backup now. double tap and your iOS device should start to back up.

your iOS device can back up automatically if it’s plugged in, asleep, and on wifi.