About Us

The TTJ Founder

Having been blind since the age of three, Matthew Vollbrecht recognized that he might have to do some things differently than his sighted counterparts. From a very early age, technology played a major part of Matt’s life, enabling him to learn, work, play, create, communicate, and express himself in ways never before thought possible. In 1998, Matthew began assisting his mother, then a technology coordinator for a local school district, in computer set-up, support, and maintenance. It didn’t take long for friends and coworkers in the local community to become aware of the duo’s skills and began requesting their assistance in solving personal computer issues.

When he went off to Elizabethtown College to major in music education, technology remained an integral part of both his own life and his side jobs. He began offering technology support and assistance to fellow college students – both sighted and non sighted. Concurrently, he volunteered for a small software company, testing and providing updated documentation and tutorials for a Windows screen reader (software that reads what is on the screen for people who are blind or visually impaired).

Upon returning to his home town in 2004, Matt resumed his computer support and set-up work, now marketing it under the name “CompuClean”. This name seemed fitting at the time, because the majority of Matthew’s computer work revolved around completely restoring computers to clean them of viruses, spyware, malware, and the like. During this time, Matt also provided assistance to those looking for the best features and pricing on various cable, satellite, and phone packages.

In 2009, Matthew became aware of the incredible work being done by Apple in the area of accessibility. Apple’s Mac computers, iPods, and soon iPhones and more, already loved by millions, were now shipping with built-in screen readers, magnification features, and many more options for those who required various, typically very expensive, accommodations to use technology. Immediately, Matt began researching further, testing, and soon purchasing his own Apple products and became both a fan as well as an advocate. By the fall of 2009, Matthew had made the decision to completely abandon the Microsoft Windows platform, both personally and professionally, to focus all of his research, education, support, and attention on Apple products.

Beginning with the iPhone in October 2009, Matt began creating free tutorial podcasts to show people how Apple products could change lives for the better. Of note, some of his podcasts have been featured on ACB Radio’s Main Menu and other similar websites for the blind and visually impaired.

It quickly became apparent that Apple products were far more reliable and required significantly less clean-up work, so by 2010, Matt felt the need to rebrand his business and changed its name to MGV Consulting. MGV Consulting focused on demonstrating, setting up, supporting, and maintaining Apple products. In 2012, the portfolio of MGV Consulting services branched out to include digital book design and digital course creation. In 2013, Matt also began offering limited set-up and support for home theater and other consumer electronics products. In 2014, services expanded yet again, this time to include web design.

In 2015, Matthew officially received his first Apple Certification as an “Apple Certified Associate” in Mac OS Yosemite. At this time, he rebranded his business once more to the name you’ve been intrigued by, The Tech Juggernaut, and he began aggressively marketing his various training, support, networking, design, and purchasing assistance services, while also working with various local teachers in public schools to implement one of the courses he created, or to facilitate and enhance the teaching of various subjects through the use of technology. Matt’s most recent technology related accomplishment came in June of 2018, when he officially completed the necessary requirements to receive recognition as an “Apple Teacher”. He is currently working on the next step in that recognition program, “Swift Playgrounds Recognition”, which he hopes to have completed by summer 2019. The latest additions to the ever-growing list of TTJ services relate to home automation products, security systems, and a more intense focus on TV services (now streaming rather than cable or satellite), consumer electronics, and A/V and music technology.

Matthew is also a co-moderator of two email support lists, created with the aim of helping users of Apple’s Voiceover screen reader learn how to use various Apple products. He continues to offer both free and paid training courses, locally and online, in various areas of technology.

Besides all of that, Matt is married with two children and loves spending time with his family and friends in a variety of activities.

About the Company

The mission of The Tech Juggernaut is to make the use of 21st century technology in life, learning, work, and play, a positive, enjoyable, productive, and beneficial experience. This is done through demonstration, friendly, knowledgeable advice, support, and training.

Please reach out to us, Mon-Fri, 9AM-10PM, Sat, 10AM-10PM, or Sun, 1PM-7PM Eastern time. Call us at 814-287-9178, or read our TTJ Guarantee to learn more.