An Update On Titanic Book Preorders

Great news, praise God! The soft-cover edition of, “Titanic – The Most Complete Story Ever Told”, has arrived back from the printer and is ready to ship. The audio book has entered the final production stage, and should be ready within the next two weeks. If you have contacted TTJ requesting our special preorder offer, don’t worry. We have now begun the process of contacting all those who indicated that they wish to take advantage of the special offer. If you do not hear from us by Tuesday, April 13, please send a reminder iMessage or email to:

Additionally, we have extended the special offer! That’s right, the limited time offer has now been extended through Sunday, April 18 at 11:59PM Eastern Time. April 18 marks the anniversary of the day that the RMS Carpathia arrived in New York with over 700 Titanic survivors. How fitting then to continue the special offer through that date.

Once again, the special offer includes a signed copy of the glossy soft-cover edition of the book for $22.99, to-the-door. And, for an extra $12.99, you can also receive an early copy of the audio book, either as a digital download or on a USB flash drive. The digital EPUB format of the book is already available on Apple Books for those who prefer it that way as well.

This book has been written in an informal style, conveying numerous facts about the Titanic disaster, including many little-known facts, but also capturing the emotional content around the subject, and the feelings and actions of numerous people whose lives were forever changed by the disaster. The book provides a complete history of the Titanic, from its inception and construction, through its more recent rediscovery, as well as its affects on society and culture. We also examine the question of whether a similar disaster could ever happen again. Appropriate for even readers as young as middle school age, this book has received much positive feedback, including maintaining a consistent 4 star or higher rating on the Apple Books Store. The rereleased version comes with entirely new stories, additional facts, numerous clarifications, a gallery of color photos, a glossary of terms, passenger lists, and much more.

Be sure to take advantage of this special offer. For more information, please contact TTJ as soon as possible to reserve your special copies.

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