Calling All Titanic enthusiasts

TTJ is looking for anyone with either curiosity or knowledge on the subject of the Titanic disaster for an upcoming episode of the TTJ Talk Podcast. In 2012, in time for the hundredth anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, Matt Vollbrecht, founder of The Tech Juggernaut, released a book he had written on the subject. Since that time, the book has remained available on the Apple Books Store, undergoing several revisions and enhancements and maintaining a solid 4 star rating with hundreds of readers.

Now in 2021, and just ten years after Matt began work on the book, he has just released the biggest rewrite of the book since its initial release. The book is accurate and up-to-date, complete with passenger lists, photos, web links, a glossary of terms, and hundreds of passenger stories. Already available on Apple Books, this new edition of the book will be released in soft-cover and audio formats by mid April, in time for another Titanic anniversary.

In preparation for those releases, and to celebrate the relaunching on Apple Books, we will conduct a podcast episode with a Titanic panel. If you have been fascinated with the Titanic and have anything to contribute to the discussion, or if you have questions, things you’ve always wondered about the Titanic, or even questions about the writing and book publishing process, we’d love to have you as a guest on our podcast.

To be part of this awesome podcast event, please send an email or an iMessage to:

Please get in touch by Monday, February 22, so this panel-style episode can be scheduled.

The purpose of this informal podcast episode will be to discuss all things Titanic, including popular myths and controversies, ship amenities, passengers, disaster details, and the science behind the disaster, as well as what has changed since the time of Titanic. If time permits, we will also discuss the process of preparing a book for publishing on Apple Books and other digital stores, as well as for print media and audio book releases.

The book in question, “Titanic – The Most Complete Story Ever Told – Anniversary Edition”, gives an accurate and up-to-date retelling of every aspect of the Titanic saga, from its inception and construction to its more recent rediscovery. This book conveys a number of facts, even some little-known facts, but also focuses on people, builders, passengers, families, and more, and does it all with a casual writing style that captures emotional content over facts and figures, and that is appropriate for even young readers. What did Titanic’s passengers eat? Why were Titanic’s third class passengers kept below deck until it was too late? Would more lifeboats have solved the problem? Who was at fault? What was the last song played by the band? These topics, along with numerous others, are discussed in great detail. Finally, the book examines what has changed since Titanic’s time, and attempts to answer the question of whether a similar disaster could happen again.

Get in touch with us now to be part of the podcast, and look for further posts with links to the Apple Books, print, and audio formats of the book.

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