February 13 help session

Hello, thanks for signing up to join the Saturday virtual help Session, held every 2nd and 4th saturday from

1:00PM EST

12:00PM CST

11:00AM MST

And 10:00AM PST

  Brought to you by TTJTech.net and hosted by SturItUp.com

When attending these sessions please follow these guidelines:

1. Keep the background noise to a minimum.  Headset mics tend to pick up even the slightest movement.  If you know you will be multi tasking, please mute yourself.  You will have the ability to unmute when called on.  If you can’t keep the background noise down, then we will put you on a force mute.

2.  Please wait for your name to be called to unmute.  As stated above, you will be able tao control muting and unmuting, and we want to be respectful of other participants time to ask questions and get support.

3.  If you have something to add to an answer, or have a similar question, put your brief comments in the Chat section, and we will try and get to you promptly.

4. Be respectful of others time, and don’t badger or be rude to each other.  We want this Help Session to be a safe, respectful, and inclusive environment.

5. Lastly, you may ask any question related to apple products, how to’s, software, and hardware.  Anything beyond that we will not answer.

Thanks for complying, and let’s have fun!  If you need some 1on1 training, Email us and we will set something up.  Subscribe to the Calendar so you won’t miss any events.

To Join the help session, click here

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