MacCafe is here to stay!

Welcome to “The MacCafe” hosted by Trainer kliph, and brought to you by


These sessions will be held every 1st, and 3rd Mondays at

11:30AM EST

10:30AM CST

9:30AM MST

And 8:30AM pST

If your in another country, just ask Siri.

Joining the meeting

We will be using WebEx, if you don’t already have it, download it from here


For MacOs

If you have an M1 Mac, make sure you choose the correct download link

The purpose of these sessions.

Well some of you are fairly new to the Mac world, and we want to give you more time to ask questions, get help, and possibly show us your progress.

During these sessions we will take questions in the chat, call on a few to get hands on help, possibly have short demonstrations and exchange helpful information.

Please stay muted until your called on, and keep your background noise to a minimum, this will insure everyone can stay focussed on what is being taught or talked about.

How to sign up

We want to keep this group small, and productive. So if your a new mac user, need extra help, or struggle with certain apps and features. Send us an email

And we will be in touch.

MacCafe Host

Trainer Kliph

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