Please Read: Important Support Info For TTJ Premium Support and TRaining Customers

As of Monday, November 23, 2020, all TTJ Premium Support and Training customers should have iOS/iPad OS 14, TVOS 14, Watch OS 7, and HomePod Software 14, installed on all their devices. TTJ is happy to walk you through this simple update process at no charge as part of your Premium package, or during our free help sessions. Any customer wishing to purchase or renew any Premium Support or Training Services will be required to have all devices updated to the latest versions before purchasing or renewing packages. The latest versions are currently 14.2 for TVOS/iOS/iPad OS/HomePod, and 7.X for Watch OS.

TTJ will officially end support for iOS 13 and its counterparts as of December 31, 2020. At this point, customers will need to update their devices prior to receiving assistance from TTJ. If you contact TTJ for support after December 31, we will walk you through updating, then provide the support or training you have requested. Customers who purchase hourly support and training, rather than premium packages, will be charged a flat Software Update Assist fee of $80, beyond the standard hourly rates. This fee will include assistance with the update processes, as well as two additional hour-long orientation sessions for the new software.

If your device is not able to run iOS 14 and its counterparts, and if you already have a Premium Support package, TTJ will honor the terms of that package until it expires, but you will not be eligible to renew your package until you obtain a more current device, capable of running Apple’s latest software. Premium Training customers, who have purchased 30 hours of training that never expire, may in some circumstances, be expected to maintain a device capable of running the latest software in order to keep using training hours, and their training hours may be put on hold until they have obtained such a device.

The purpose for such requirements is to provide the absolute best experience to all customers. With every major release of Apple software comes a host of new features, improved functionality, and better security and privacy features. In order to provide all our customers with the world-class experience for which you’ve come to know us, and in order to support everyone equally, we require paying customers to keep devices up-to-date. We offer what we feel are absolutely unprecedented support and training services at incredible prices, and this simple update process is your part in properly maintaining your awesome devices. We see it as no different than jewelers requiring regular inspections of your jewelry, or car dealerships requiring regular oil changes, in order to continue to honor extended service plans. We thank you for your understanding, and we appreciate your cooperation regarding this matter. If you have any questions please send iMessages to:

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