How to take a photo on your iPhone

How to Take a Photo on Your IPhone, with VoiceOver Running:  Rita’s iDevice Advice for October 26, 2020

Did you know you can use your iPhone’s volume buttons to snap photos? Using the iPhone volume buttons can make it easier to take a picture when holding the iPhone at an awkward angle.

How to Take a Photo Using the iPhone Volume Buttons

1.  Open the Camera app.

2.  Select which Camera option you want to use.  This is a “picker option” where you can choose front facing camera, back facing, etc.

3.  The volume buttons are the second (up) and third (down) buttons on the left edge of your iPhone. When you’re ready to take a photo (or start one of the video options), press either the up or down button. 

4.  You can hold your phone upright (Portrait).  Or you can hold your phone sideways (Landscape).

You can take a picture on your iPhone by simply hitting either the volume up or down button, instead of dragging your finger to find the “take picture button”.

This will reduce the picture getting blurred.

You can hold your iPhone in landscape mode, like a real point and shoot camera, and click the Volume up or down buttons which are now located in the upper right of the iPhone to take a photo

Normally the Volume Up button will increase the sound level of everything from your ringer to the music or video you are listening to. When you launch the Camera app, however, the Volume Up button transforms into a shutter release button, letting you snap pictures with a squeeze of a finger. As a special bonus, if you have headphones plugged in, and you launch the Camera app, the headphones volume button becomes a long-distance remote shutter release.

How to take a “Selfie” photo:  (These Selfie directions were written by Jeff Thompson with Blind Abilities)

When taking a Selfie, be sure you do not have your mute turned on.  That’s the uppermost switch on the left of a typical iPhone.  Be sure to have VoiceOver turned on.

Open your Camera app and change the camera to front facing. By default, the camera opens to back facing mode.

VoiceOver will tell you if you are centered near the bottom, or basically, tell you the location of your face.  To activate the shutter, to take the picture, all you have to do is hit the up volume button once.  Thus, you do not have to use your other hand to tap the screen.  You will find the picture you just took by swiping to the photo and video viewer button.  This will bring up the photo you just took.  You can also find it in your camera roll in Recent photos. In the camera roll, the photos app.  You can also swipe down to a folder called “Selfie’s”.

To Share a photo or several photos:  Open the Photos app on your Apple iOS device.   Select the Albums tab, then choose the album that you want.  Now, at the top of the screen is a Select button. Double tap this, then double tap each photo or video you wish to select.  The Share button should be at the bottom of the screen.

After you choose Share, VoiceOver will announce the number of photos selected. If you swipe up and down immediately with one finger, you will find an Options Button. Double tap this, and you will be able to change various sharing options, such as whether to include the location in the photos, whether to send individual photos or send them as an iCloud link, and more.

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