Getting Ready for iOS 14 and It’s Counterparts

Apple today announced that iOS 14, iPad OS 14, TVOS 14, and Watch OS 7, the next major releases of the company’s operating systems, are planned for release tomorrow. TTJ will be releasing a series of articles, audio recordings, and other resources to help you learn what to expect in the new versions, and provide tips and tricks on the new features. We are also available to help our premium support customers get started with the updates.

Should I Update?

Absolutely. Whether you are a Voiceover user or not, the update is strongly recommended for all customers. Not only does it provide access to tons of cool new features, but it also provides a wealth of security and privacy enhancements, performance improvements, and much, much more. Additionally, in order to provide the best support experience for all our customers, we’d like all customers to be on the latest software versions. Premium Support customers will have until November 1, 2020, to upgrade to iOS/iPad OS 14.x and corresponding software, in order to continue receiving the support you’ve come to expect from TTJ.

Will My Device Support the New Software?

If your device can run iOS 13 and its counterparts, then yes, it will support the new software updates.

What If My Devices Won’t Run the Updates?

If you have a current, active TTJ Premium Support Contract, TTJ will continue to honor the terms of that existing plan until its expiration date. However, you will not be able to renew your Premium Support plan with TTJ unless you elect to purchase a newer device, as devices that cannot run Apple’s latest software are not eligible for TTJ Premium Support.

How Can I Get Help With New Features?

All TTJ Premium Support customers are entitled to one-on-one help, but due to the overwhelming response to our recent offerings, we are scheduling non-emergency appointments approximately three weeks out. For faster service, please consider joining one of our free virtual help sessions. The next free virtual help session will be held this Thursday, September 17, 2020, at 3PM Eastern Time. Look for a join link on this blog tomorrow. You can also get quick replies to simple questions by sending an iMessage to:

Stay tuned to this blog for more iOS 14 information.

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