How to add bookmarks in safari

How to Save a Bookmark in Safari:  Rita’s iDevice Advice for August 31, 2020

This was submitted by john farina, who is a helpful responder to questions submitted to the iDevice listserv.

Thank you John.

Below John’s instruction is another option for Adding Bookmarks in Safari.

1.  go to the web site in Safari, that you wish to bookmark.

2.  Once there, at the bottom of the iPhone screen, locate the “share” button and double tap it.

3.  Swipe through the choices until you locate “add bookmark” and double tap that.

4.  Now you will have the option of naming the bookmark, which you can do if it is not recognizable from what is already in the text field.

5.  When finished, locate the “save” button and double tap that.

Also, you can add the page to the bookmark to the homescreen in the share menu.

Here is another way to add a bookmark in Safari

Safari for iPhone and iPad is an incredibly capable mobile web browser despite its simple, straightforward user interface. It is the browser of choice on iOS, in large part because it is the one pre-installed, but very few people know everything you can do with Safari.

Much of Safari’s advanced functionality is hidden behind “long-pres gestures” that most people do not know exist.

Long press on the Show Bookmarks button:  which is a one finger double tap and hold gesture when running VoiceOver.

On Safari for iPhone and iPad, the normal way to add a bookmark for a webpage is to press the Share button and scroll through the activity pop-up to select the Add Bookmark option. Using a long-press, you can do the same thing more quickly.

Long-press on the Show Bookmarks button (which tapping on normally takes you to view your bookmarks) and a new action menu appears. The modal features options to Add Bookmark or Add to Reading List. Saving to Reading List is immediate, whilst tapping the bookmark option will open the usual options view to confirm the name and Favorites folder location.

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