Important: Your Urgent Help Is Needed

Most of you know I don’t normally ask anything specific from you. So, I hope you will recognize the extreme urgency in my request. It seems that certain officials in the government of the United States believe that Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook are engaging in anticompetitive practices with various App Store policies, in-app payment mechanisms, and more. The gentleman leading the current efforts is Congressman David Cicilline of The State of Road Island. Mr. Cicilline has stated that he is prepared to make recommendations concerning this matter as early as next month. While the Congressman has not divulged specifically what he plans to recommend, several drastic recommendations could include forcing companies like Apple to open up their platforms, or preventing such companies from competing on their own platforms.

It is my assertion that such moves would be monumental mistakes, and that they would potentially be extremely harmful to both consumers and developers alike – far more harmful than the alleged practices Mr. Cicilline thinks he sees. A few companies, like Epic Games, Spotify, and Microsoft have now joined the conversation, also pushing for Apple to open up its platform and change its policies. Again, this is a mistake.

I strongly believe that companies including Apple, Google, and Amazon, are not engaging in anti-competitive practices, but are only trying to protect consumers, while creating an environment that helps developers and encourages innovation and creativity, while still maintaining a high standard of excellence. This is a delicate balance, which I fear would be severely disrupted if the policies or the platforms were altered.

So, I’m asking for your help. If you agree with my position at all, if you value your security, privacy, accessibility, and high quality of your Apple devices and apps, please take action!

First, please listen to my podcast episode on this subject. In it I describe in detail what is going on, why the current policies are not anticompetitive, and how mandating their changes could be a detriment to consumers and developers alike. I know it’s not as fun and exciting as some of our other TTJ Talk podcasts, but it’s so important, because so much is at stake. It’s a 90 minute podcast episode – the length of one feature movie to potentially save the App Store.

If you are already subscribed to the TTJ Talk Podcast, simply open your podcast app and listen. The episode is called, “Urgent! Call to Action”, and it’s the most recent episode as of the writing of this post. If you are not yet subscribed to the TTJ Talk Podcast, please Visit Our Podcast Page.

After you’ve listened, please begin contacting everyone you know. Share the information with others, email or phone your congressmen and senators, and let your voice be heard in a positive, constructive, and Godly way. Tell them you do not want to see the current policies change, and explain why.

Please consider calling or emailing the man leading the charge. Again, his name is David Cicilline. The phone number for his Washington DC office is:


You can also find additional contact options and even request a meeting by visiting the Congressman’s Website.

If you’d like to receive a copy of the talking points and presentation I used in my podcast, please request one from me, by sending an email or an iMessage to:

You can also tweet your legislators, and any other relevant parties, and when you do, be sure to use the hashtag #SavetheAppStore

I thank you in advance for joining me in this most important discussion. God bless you all.

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