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Due to the incredible ongoing response to our latest offerings, such as our free TTJ courses, this blog has seen lots of new subscribers in the past few days. So, as the owner of The Tech Juggernaut, I would like to take a moment to welcome everyone to TTJ on behalf of myself and the entire TTJ Instructor team. Here at TTJ, it is our goal to be your single point of contact for all technology needs. As a certified Apple Teacher, and a longtime fan of Apple products, I, along with Kliph, Rita, Lynne, and Maria, can help you purchase, configure, and learn to use your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, AppleTV, Apple Watch, HomePod, Mac, Apple Services, and Apple accessories. We also provide support and training on a number of third-party accessories, including consumer electronic products, music keyboards, smart appliances, networking solutions, cord cutting and TV streaming products and services, home automation and home security solutions, and much, much more.

As you likely already know, we continue free weekly virtual help sessions – open to anyone. We are also about to start a new season of free online courses. Space is limited, but there’s still time to register. We also offer several paid support and training packages, including premium support offerings, our TTJ Gold Training Package, and even a few back-to-school specials. We even offer competitive hourly rates for those who choose to go that route.

I also want to invite you to check out our TTJ Talk Podcast, where you’ll hear product reviews, tech news, guest interviews, demos and tutorials, and much more. We’ve just released a handful of new episodes we think you’ll love, with even more on the way, so be sure to Check It Out.

Additionally, make sure you check out the past articles and posts on our Blog.

If there is anything we can do for you, please Get In Touch With Us.

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