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Weather Gods App:  Rita’s iDevice Advice for August 10, 2020

Meet the Gods: Fire, Ice, Water, Air & Moon delivering you the Weather as you have never experienced it before.

Weather Gods redefines the weather app with painstakingly crafted data visualizations, procedural graphics and audio that enable you to literally see, hear and feel the weather. With no more weather icons to decode, the Weather Gods is simply the quickest, most engaging, most enjoyable way to get the accurate weather information you need.

The Weather Gods app skillfully integrates premium weather data into an elegant, iOS Exclusive, easy-to-use interface that will delight casual users and weather

enthusiasts alike.

With a wealth of rich weather data from the world’s most respected providers, the Weather Gods provide detailed site-based forecasts for over a million locations worldwide. Our advanced, next-generation notifications are easy to setup and bring you exactly the information you want right when you need it.

With 24 hour charts, observed weather, built in moon phase, widget, world clock and much, much more, the Weather Gods is a powerful personal time machine that lets you travel the world and visit the future. Please come join us on this exciting journey as we begin our mission to bring you the finest, most

practical, most enjoyable weather app experience ever. We can’t wait to hear what you think!


* Severe weather alerts for the US, Canada and Europe

* Day & Night summary for 7 Days with animated real-time weather backgrounds

* 7 Day HOURLY Forecast via the amazing ‘Weather Wheel’

* Advanced user-friendly weather notifications

* Weather based procedural soundscape

* Detailed 24 hour charts & hourly charting

* Moon phase, rise and fall

* Off-line mode for explorers & professionals

* World clock & international support

* Powerful accessibility support – 100% support for Voiceover

* Siri shortcuts

* Haptic Engine support

Updated, Aug 1, 2020

Version 2.4

Cost is: $3.99

Here’s the link

I recently noticed there was an update to this app.

The sounds have been greatly enhanced and there is more customization for the user to set the volume level of the many weather sounds and if they want them on or off.

When you first open the Weather Gods App:

You can go to the Settings Button, which is in the upper left corner of the screen.  This is where you can make customize adjustments to  interact with the app.

If you go to Settings, and then to General, you have  2    “Launch Screen” options for viewing the App.  You can choose “Pantheon”, or “Weather Wheel”.

You can customize the sounds further in the settings menu, under the sounds section and then into weather sounds.

This app is an auditory joy

This narrative was taken from the Access World  publication from the American Foundation for the Blind, write up of this Weather Gods app.

“Weather Gods: A Shining Example of True Accessibility. Anyone who has tried to use weather apps with VoiceOver knows the frustration of trying to quickly find the information they are looking for. Graphics-intensive

information that catches the eye of the sighted user is often not easily discerned by a blind person using a screen reader. With Weather Gods, this isn’t a problem at all, since accessibility is core to the development of this app. The reasonable price, the developer’s commitment to accessibility, and the planned enhancements to the product make it worth checking out”.

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