Free weekly audio news briefing, in the Apple news appFree weekly audio news briefing, in the Apple news app

Free Daily Audio News Briefing, in the Apple News App:  Rita’s iDevice Advice for July 27, 2020

This feature  of the Audio News Briefing is so great!

With the release of iOS 13.6, Apple has announced several changes to the Apple News App. Apple News app, the News+ subscription service, has new Audio stories. Subscribers to the News+ service will get access to about 20 audio stories a week from some of Apple News+’s biggest publishers, including Sports Illustrated, Wired, Esquire, and Fast Company. Apple says the new audio stories will be narrated by professional voice actors and the audio stories will span a wide range of interests. You do not have to be a Apple News+ subscriber to get an audio “News Briefing” each day. Apple will  be producing a daily audio news briefing for all who access the Apple News app. The Daily News Audio Briefing is hosted by editors Shumita Basu and Duarte Geraldino, the podcast-style show will guide listeners through some of the most fascinating stories in the news, and how the world’s best journalists are covering these breaking news events. New programs will arrive daily Monday through Friday in  the News app (inside a new Browse tab) named the “Audio” tab.

When you first open the Apple News App, there are four tabs across the bottom. 

1.  Today: The latest articles from various news sources.

2.  News+: Apple’s magazine subscription service, available in iOS 12.2.

3.  Audio:  News stories that are narrated.

4.  Following: Everything you follow, notification management, search, and Siri suggestions.

Open the Audio Tab.  If you are running Voiceover, perform a one finger double tap gesture to open the Audio tab.

Bring the focus to the top of the screen with a one finger touch in the top left corner.

It should say “Apple News+ Heading” (when you are running VoiceOver.

Swipe once to the right with one finger to get to the “Play button”.  It is in the far upper right hand corner of the screen.

Double tap on the Play button to hear the audio daily news briefing.

At the very bottom of the screen, in the far right hand corner, you will find the play back controls such as: Rewind, Pause, etc.

These playback controls are below the four tabs  of Today, News+, Audio, and Following.

If you try to perform a two finger double tap gesture, when running VoiceOver, to stop or start the audio playback, other media that you might have been playing previously will come up.

So you need to use the playback controls on the screen, in the far bottom right hand corner.

You can also expand the mini-player by performing a one finger double tap gesture, on the news story title that is directly under the four tabs just listed.

You can exit this screen by performing a “Z scrub” gesture or going to the “Back” button.

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