How to remove location information when you are sharing a photo in the photos app

How To Remove Your Location Information From Shared Photos:  Rita’s iDevice for July 6, 2020

Sharing pictures from your iPhone can be useful, but that doesn’t mean you also want to share the data attached to the photo. Not everyone needs to know where a picture was taken, especially not when it comes to posting your pictures online. You can control how and when your location  data is shared directly from the Photos app.

Note:  These instructions were written for sighted persons, who are not using voiceOver.  If you are using VoiceOver:  when the instructions say “Tap on an item”, perform a one finger double tap.

1.  In the Photos app, locate an image you want to share.

2.  Tap the share icon.

When running VoiceOver:  The Share option is represented by a rectangle with an up-pointing arrow, or three dots.

3.  Now, tap Options.

4.  Toggle All Photos Data to off.

5.  Tap Done.

Additional information about Share Sheet options, related to sharing photos:

Share Sheets allow you to easily share photos. To the sighted user, the Share icon in most apps will appear as three dots. Voiceover users will typically hear the word, “Share”.

When you share a photo or document, receive a suggestion about who you might want to share it with and which app you may want to use, so you can share with just a tap.

Easily see how many people around you are available for Airdrop.  Apps are even intelligently sorted based on the content you are sharing.

in a photo. Simply tap on any name (double-tap for VO users), to share quickly with that person.

Some apps, like Photos and Safari, allow you to choose custom options before sharing. To the left of the sharing suggestions, you will find the name of what you are trying to share, or the number of items that are being shared With Voiceover on, swipe up or down on this info area until you hear “Options”. Sighted users can tap the blue Options button. In Safari, you’ll be able to choose whether you are sending the website as HTML or as a PDF. With Photos, choose to disable the sharing of the location where the photo was taken. Tap Back when you’re finished.

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