Important: Please Read! New Zoom Info For All Help Sessions

As you may know, The Tech Juggernaut hosts weekly virtual help sessions using the Zoom Cloud Meetings platform. TTJ has recently been informed that Zoom will now require higher levels of meeting security. To comply with these new requirements, TTJ will be implementing a meeting passcode for all future help and training sessions.

This means that effective immediately, you will need to use the below passcode, in addition to the typical Meeting ID, in order to join our virtual help sessions. Alternatively if you use a join link, you will need to use a new link, also provided below. Attempting to use the previous join link will result in a failure to join. Only the new join link, provided below, contains the necessary passcode. Please use the below information to join all TTJ virtual help sessions from now on:

Meeting ID:


Meeting Passcode:


Or, Tap Here to Join Directly.

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