How to search for pictures in the photos appHow to search for pictures in the photos app

How To Search For Specific Pictures In The Photos App, on your Apple iOS Device:  Rita’s iDevice for June 29, 2020

This search feature is handy when you’ve taken a photo a while ago and can’t find it manually.

Open the Photos app and search for a key term in the app, and all the photos that match should appear.

That’s because Apple has designed the Photos app to recognize scenes and objects using machine learning.

You can even search for events, like a concert you went to: “Photos for iOS can use the time and location of your photos along with online event listings to find matching photos.”

It is also possible to search by location, so you can enter a place name  such as Pensacola, to track down photos of your trip to this beach destination.

First, open the Photos app on your iPhone.

Next, tap on the Search tab in the bottom right-hand corner:  which has a magnifying glass as its icon.

Then simply type in the name of a place, a search term, or even a person’s name (if they’re assigned in your Photos app) to find matches.

Search for a key term in the app, and all the photos that match should appear.

When you are running VoiceOver: you can add a text label to the photos in your Photos App.

There are a few Ways you can get a photo described to you right in the Apple photos app. For one thing, as you are swiping through your photos, you can perform a three finger single tap on the photo to hear a description, also often read automatically, of what is in the photo. You might hear things like, table, chair, two people. This is just an example. When doing this, make sure that your screen curtain is off, and that the brightness is not set to zero. next, while you can of course listen to videos that you may have taken, you can also do this with Live Photos. If you have the live photo setting turned on in the camera, Open a live photo, then double tap and hold where it says live photo. You will hear a couple seconds of audio. This, combined with the description voiceover gives you, can often be enough to determine much about the photo. Beyond this, if you have some cited help, you can name the people in your various photos, so that going forward, voiceover will tell you who is in every photo you have. You can also search for photos based upon topics, events, people, dates, and locations. Finally, if you are certain of what a particular photo is, you can use the two finger double tap and hold on any photo, to open the voiceover label element feature. Then you can provide a descriptive label for each of your photos.

to assign a VoiceOver label to pictures in the Photos app, do the following:

Open the Photos app and go to the four tabs that are at the bottom of the screen. locate  the picture by Selecting the “Albums” tab and select  “Recents” view.

Each picture  will already be labeled with a date and time.

Open the picture that you want to assign a text label to, with a one finger double tap.  Flick right until you hear the date and time that the photo was taken: for example “November 26, 10:15AM.

Perform a two finger double tap and hold on the second tap.

You will hear a three long beep sound.  This brings up the on screen keyboard and places the VoiceOver cursor in the first element of a editable text field.

Type the name of the photo: such as “picture of  our cats under the Christmas tree”.

Then locate the “Save” button which is located near the upper right hand side of the screen, or you can keep flicking left with one finger until you locate the Save button and Perform a one finger double tap.

Your photo will now have a text label when you are in the Recents album of your photos app.

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