How to use the Vertical Scroll Bar on an Apple iOS device

How to Use the Vertical Scroll Bar on an Apple iOS Device:  Rita’s iDevice for June 22, 2020

Scrolling the iPhone can be tedious.  You can quickly master the art of iPhone scrolling by using the Vertical Scroll Bar.

1.  Open any app that uses the scroll bar, such as Safari or Photos

2.  Locate the scroll bar on the right hand side of the screen.

3.  Long press and hold the scroll bar.

4.  Holding down with your finger, you can now drag the scroll bar up and down the screen.

When running VoiceOver:  You will hear percentages related to scrolling.  Such as 10%, 40%, 80%, etc.

When running voiceOver:  you can also flick up with three fingers to scroll one page at a time.

More Explanation About The Vertical Scroll Bar:

This is a useful tool to quickly get where you want to be in places where there are many pages.  Instead of flicking up with three fingers to go one page at a time, you can use the Vertical Scroll Bar.  For example:  if you are in the News app and there are many pages of stories…  Touch with one finger

on the top right-hand side of the screen, just below the status line.  This is like the “Table Index Scroll Bar when you are in the main route of the Contacts app.  You can now flick up or down to go quickly at percentage rates.  You can also touch the Vertical Scroll Bar at the far bottom right of the screen,

once you have performed a four-finger single tap gesture at the bottom of your screen, and this takes you to the last page at 100%.

To quickly get to the top of a large document or place where there are multiple pages, you can jump to the top by bringing focus to the status bar and double tap. This jumps you to the top.

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