Using voice over to see a weekly list view of events on your calendar, on an iPad

Accessing a List of Events On an iPad, Using VoiceOver:  Rita’s iDevice Advice for June 15, 2020

This information was composed through collaboration with those of us who are with the TTJTECH.NET Team, who are teaching  VoiceOver Classes.

With the Calendar app on iPad, you can view your calendar by day, week, month, or by the entire year. The Voiceover Rotor makes it possible to quickly jump from one event to the next. The effect of this is to provide Voiceover users with a list of all your events within a given time. We suggest trying this in Week View. First, double-tap the Week View icon at the top of the screen to make sure it is selected. Next, tap once anywhere in the middle of the screen to bring focus to the main part of the Calendar. Now, set the Rotor to Events. Begin swiping up and down with one finger to move from event to event within the specified week. Swiping up moves you to, and selects, the previous event, while swiping down moves to, and selects, the next event. Individual events appear first, followed by all-day events, such as holidays, birthdays, and so on. To move to the next week, swipe left with three fingers. To go to the previous week, swipe right with three fingers. If you wish to jump to the current week, double-tap the Today button near the bottom of the screen.

Remember that you can also search for specific dates or events. Additionally, you can ask Siri for information about specific events or dates. Try summoning using Siri, then saying something like:

“What’s on my Calendar for tomorrow?

Do I have any events scheduled for June 15th?

When is my Mom’s birthday?

Or: When is my Dentist Appointment?

You can also use Spotlight Search to find events in the Calendar. From the Home Screen, with focus on the main part of the Home Screen, swipe down with three fingers to open Spotlight, then enter your search term.

Note that iPad users can also add the Up Next or Calendar Widgets as Favorite Widgets on the Home Screen, thus displaying the next event along side Home Screen apps.

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