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How to view your daily events in the Calendar App month view:  Rita’s iDevice Advice for June 8, 2020

How to Switch to the List View in the Calendar App on Your iPhone or iPad

The Apple Calendar app for your iPhone and iPad is one of the best free calendar apps available, and it has many features you might not be fully utilizing. Did you know that the Calendar app has a hidden list view that allows you to see your daily events while in the month view.

here is a way to view your calendar on your Apple iOS device in a list view menu type configuration. Thus all the calendar text entries that have been made can be listed and you can use voice over to flick right to each date that has delineated text for an event.  You can use a three finger scroll up to navigate continuously through Pages. Days on the calendar that do not have any events will not show up in this list view.

While it might appear that you can only select the today, month, or year view, you can actually see the overall daily events for any day within a selected month.

How to view your daily events in the Calendar App month view:

1.  Open the Calendar app on your iPhone.

2.  If you see all the months of the year, tap on the month you want to view to open the month view.

3.  At the top of the screen, find the icon that looks like a rectangle with two lines below it.

When running Voiceover:   The rectangle graphic will say “List”.  Perform a one finger double tap gesture to unselect the list option.

Then navigate to a date and perform a “Long Press Action” (a one finger double tap and hold gesture) and the list of your calendar entries will magically appear.

To exit the list of the calendar entries, perform a “Z scrub” gesture.

4.  Tap that icon; it will reveal the events scheduled for the first day of that month.

5. Tap any day in the month to see the scheduled events for that day.

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