Text that appears in the poster animations in the Apple clips app

Description of the imbedded text, using the Poster options in the Clips App:  Rita’s iDevice Advice for May 25, 2020

The Clips App is designed primarily to let you make short video projects.

Please see the previous iDevice Advice article  (sent out on May 18th) on how to create a Clips project.

The entire basis of the Clips app, as its name suggests, is the clip. A clip can be any photo or video from your Photo Library, any poster, or even a live video recording, that you use in your project. Exactly how long the clip appears in your project is determined by how long you hold down the red button in the app, often called, “Record” or “Insert”. With Clips, you do not need to work with complex story boards and timelines. Rather, if you want viewers of your video to see a photo or poster for 10 seconds, you simply need to hold down the red Insert button for ten seconds. Want Spoken audio to play along with the poster? Simply speak as you hold down the button.

This list is a description of the imbedded text that is associated with the Posters that you can add in your Clips project.

Tap Posters to choose from a variety of animated greeting cards, themed seasonal greetings, and more. Voiceover users may wish to use Heading navigation to move quickly between the headings of Basic, Photographic, Occasions, and Vintage. Tap a poster to select it. Once you select the desired poster, tap and hold the red button, now called “Hold to Add the Selected Poster” for VoiceOver users. Note that many posters do feature animations, so it’s a good idea to hold down the Insert button for at least ten to 15 seconds to give the entire animation a chance to play.


The Clips App: list of text imbedded in to each Poster 

Basic Heading Posters:

A poster with Pink text on a yellow background = Congrats

A poster with light green text on a pink background = Finally

A poster with light green text on a purple background = Look!

A poster with yellow text on a Red background = Love

Condensed blue text on white = Check this out

Simple white text on black = To be continued…

Serif white text on black = Good Morning

Colorful flowing gradient = Hello.

Bold white text on red = THIS IS HAPPENING

Photographic Heading:

A chalk board background with type that animates on like chalk = How does it work?

Lined paper background with a font that draws on = Once Upon A Time

The type is painted on to the grass of a sports field = Game DAY

A poster where the type is in the center of a set of vibrating working pneumatic tubes = Look what I made

Monotone red office desk from above = At the office

Topographic map unrolling on a table = ADVENTURE

Red Country bandana = Howdy

Kitchen cutting board = In the kitchen

Rising red dust in smoke = THIS IS HOT

Occasion Heading:

Blooming Cherry blossoms on a white background = Springtime

Falling snow against pine trees and dark clouds = LET IT SNOW

White envelope that opens to reveal Holiday embossed snow flake holiday card = HAPPY HOLIDAYS

Red paper that slides and folds to reveal gold-foiled text = HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR

Seasonal candles on black background with warm candle lit type = PEACE

Red paper heart unfolding to reveal note = TRUE LOVE

Colorful confetti on white = Happy Birthday

Blue reflective Summer pool water = SUMMER

A poster where the type is revealed by falling leaves on a background of Autumn themed artwork = Sweater weather

Gold art deco invitation card = YOUR INVITED

Dramatic warm on black bubbly drink = CHEERS

Vintage Heading:

Pixilated type displayed on an arcade cabinet = GAME OVER

A poster with white text on a blue background looking like 1980’s style home video camera menu = Movie Night

The type is treated and animated to emulate a title card from old silent film = “Gasp!”

A poster with colorful Animated text that reads “The Year 3000” on a 1980’s style star field background = “The Year 3000”

A poster with White text and animated retro colored lines on a black background = FEATURE PRESENTATION

Fun retro 80’s = awesome

Classic black and white cinema and title = THE END

Cinematic Heading:

Marquee sign = Now showing

City night skyline = On the Town

Rain and lightening at night through a window = STORMY NIGHT

Fire and Embers on black = Let’s Celebrate

Blue sparkling = Bedazzling

Abstract Heading:

Abstract paint blending on canvas = BEST DAY EVER

3 dimensional geometric = News Flash

3D topic graphic shapes = LETS’S DO THIS

Kaleidoscope of 3D green and blue ribbons = Relax

Lines animating in the background = Tonight

Flowing 3D strings of blue, purple, red, = The Journey Begins

Reflective gold triangle pattern = Starring

A wavy animated pattern of 3D shapes = THANKS!

Graphic Heading:

A poster with a Stylized 3D rendering of Earth and animated text that reads “Our Friend the Earth= OUR FRIEND THE EARTH

3d flat paper city = IN THE CITY

A poster that uses a repeating tile pattern of playful animated education themed icons = Science Facts

Fun illustrated symbols = Did You Know?

Retro Painterly swirls = Imagine

Pink Flamingos on a teal background framed on wall = Miami

2 Dimensional cascading shapes = MY STORY

Orange Airport Arrival Sign = Arrivals and Departures

Star Wars Heading:

Punch It = Punch It

R2 D2 projecting “Your My Only Hope” on to the sky = YOUR MY ONLY HOPE

X-wing targeting system showing “Stay On Target” = STAY ON TARGET

“May the Force be with you” with 2 light-sabers crossing = MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU

“All too easy” text over Darth Vader with a light -saber = ALL TOO EASY

A long time ago in a galaxy Far Far away = A Long Time Ago, in a Galaxy Far Far Away

Mickey and friends Heading:

Mickey with a guitar = Rock It

Angry Donald Duck = just a picture of angry Donald Duck

Mickey hand with text = hang LOOSE

Classic Mickey on a steamboat = HERE WE GO

Sorcerers hat = Magical

Minnie Mouse with text on the go = On the Go!

Pixar Heading:

Stitch = Mom to the rescue

Mr. incredible punching the sky = ONE STRONG DAD


Buzz light year = TO INFINITY AND BEYOND

Inside Out all the cast = MIXED EMOTIONS



Inside Out = ALL THE FEELS

Cars 3 = FOR THE WIN

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