Helpful resources and email list serve groups related to using apple iOS devices

The TTJTECH Team posted this list previously…

We are re-posting this resource for e-mail list serves related to using Apple iOS devices.

The “iDevices” e-mail list serve. Here you can ask questions about iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and related apps and accessories. People also bring their Apple TV, Apple Watch, and HomePod questions.

subscription address is,

Only Apple talk e-mail list serve:

The group at

a free, easy-to-use email group service. 

The email address for this group is:

Tech Exchange list serve:

Braille display e-mail list serve:  Have a Braille Display? Come teach and learn with others ( ) 

Mac for the Blind




Matt vollbrecht at The Tech Juggernaut, who is an Apple Certified Associate.

The Tech Juggernaut

Also sign up to the Blog

Personal Power. The iOS Edition:  Michael Feir has written a 250,000-word, over 1,200-page book on using and enjoying the iPhone, iPad, and iPod for personal use, and it’s FREE, in RTF, Word, EPUB and PDF formats:

Dropbox link:

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