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Share Sheet Options:  Rita’s iDevice Advice for May 11, 2020

This information was composed through collaboration with those of us who are with the TTJTECH.NET Team, who are teaching  VoiceOver Classes through the iTunes University app.

Share Sheets allow you to easily share almost anything with almost anyone. They also provide ways for you to share content among multiple apps, and to perform important functions, such as copying or printing documents, editing audio, and more. To the sighted user, the Share icon in most apps will appear as three dots. Voiceover users will typically hear the word, “Share”.

When you share a photo or document, receive a suggestion about who you might want to share it with and which app you may want to use, so you can share with just a tap.

Easily see how many people around you are available for Airdrop.  Apps are even intelligently sorted based on the content you are sharing. 

The Share Sheet is usually divided into three sections. The first section, if available, provides a list of sharing suggestions, based upon people you’ve recently talked to, and based upon people who seem to be relevant, such as faces that appear in a photo. Simply tap on any name (double-tap for VO users), to share quickly with that person.

The next section of the Share Sheet shows ways of sharing the particular content with others, as well as options for opening the content in other apps These choices will vary depending on what apps you have installed on your iPad, and are also specific to the type of file you are trying to share. Most file types can be shared using Messages and Mail, as well as AirDrop. Other options will vary. For example, if you received a PDF attachment in an email, you will see the option to copy it to Apple Books for easy access. Did you receive an audio attachment? You will be able to open it in the Voice Memos app. If you have Dropbox, Twitter, Facebook, iTunes U, Google Classroom, or a variety of other apps installed on your iPad, these options will also usually be available. Don’t see the app you’re looking for? Try tapping the “More” icon, to display additional app choices.

The final section of the Share Sheet displays additional relevant options, again depending on what you have installed and the kind of file you are sharing. Copy, Print, Save to Files, Save Photo/Video, Use As Wall Paper, MarkUp, and Download file, are just a few examples of options you might see. The “Edit Actions” button at the bottom of the Share Sheet allows you to rearrange items on the sheet.

Voice Memos, Photos, Maps, Safari, Pages, Keynote, Numbers, GarageBand, Clips, iMovie, Apple Books, and Apple News are just a few examples of apps that offer Share Sheets. You might be surprised where they will show up. Third-party apps like Amazon, YouTube, and others definitely have them.

Some apps, like Photos and Safari, allow you to choose custom options before sharing. To the left of the sharing suggestions, you will find the name of what you are trying to share, or the number of items that are being shared With Voiceover on, swipe up or down on this info area until you hear “Options”. Sighted users can tap the blue Options button. In Safari, you’ll be able to choose whether you are sending the website as HTML or as a PDF. With Photos, choose to disable the sharing of the location where the photo was taken. Tap Back when you’re finished.

As you can see, Share Sheets offer robust sharing and integration options

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