TTJ Contest Now Live! Enter and Submit Your Project to Win a Free iPad!

The Tech Juggernaut is pleased to announce that our Positive Environment contest is now live. If you wish to enter, please read this entire post, then follow all instructions to continue.

To participate, first, tap on the link below to complete the entry form (one entry per-person). Once the form is complete and you receive the message that your response has been recorded, you can create and submit your project. The goal of the project is to tell us how you are using technology to foster learning, entertainment, creativity, and an overall positive environment during these challenging times. You may use Apple Clips, Apple Keynote, or Apple Pages, according to the below guidelines.

After you have completed your project, share it with TTJ according to the below options.

The contest deadline is Friday, May 8, 2020. On May 12, a winner will be selected at random and will receive a free Apple iPad 32GB Wi-Fi, an iPad Smart Cover in Red, and a $15 iTunes Gift Card.

Participation Requirements:

To participate in this contest, you must be a United States citizen with a physical address in the USA. You must either be at least 18 years old, or have parental consent, or the permission of another legal guardian, to enter. You must also agree to have your project featured on our website, on YouTube, and possibly in other promotional materials. We will accept only one entry per-person.

Creating Your Project:

If you will be using Apple Clips, be sure your project length is between three and ten minutes, and that you own the rights, or have obtained proper permission, to use any and all media in the video project. Feel free to include photos, videos, spoken narration, music, Live Titles, and anything else you desire. When finished, export the project as specified below.

If using Keynote, create your Keynote presentation, including recorded audio, and specify the desired time for each build, and the desired slide duration. Then export the project as a movie, according to the guidelines below. Be sure the Keynote presentation, and the resulting movie, adheres to the same requirements specified above (between three and ten minutes etc).

If using Pages, create an interactive digital book, complete with text, photos or shapes, and other media as you see fit, such as recorded audio, music, image galleries, and more. Export the document to the EPUB format, and again be sure you own all rights to all content. Length of the document can be between one and five typed pages, and no video included in the document may exceed ten minutes. The total time of included videos may also not exceed ten minutes.

Sharing Your Project:

When you share your project, be sure you are sharing a final result file, not a project file. For example, if you used Clips or Keynote, be sure you are sharing an MP4 or similar video format – not the project file that can be edited. As stated, Pages documents should be shared as EPUB files – not Pages documents. You may share your work in one of several ways:

First, you may send us an iCloud link to the final file. Do not send us the file directly. Instead, use the “Add People” option that appears in the Share menu of the Files app. Also, do not share an entire folder with us, just the specific file. Again, do this by locating your video or EPUB file in the Files app, long-pressing the file, choosing Share, then choosing “Add People”.

Your second option is to share your video on YouTube. Upload the video to YouTube, then provide TTJ with the YouTube video link.

Finally, you may also supply us with a Dropbox link to the file you are attempting to share.

Once again, no file should ever be sent directly to TTJ. You should only ever send links. TTJ will delete any files we receive directly for security reasons, so please do not send files. Send all links (iCloud, YouTube, or Dropbox), to, using the Messages app or the Mail app. Be sure to include your first and last name and indicate what you are sending, such as saying, “I have entered your contest, and here is my video”. Links sent without a name matching an entry form and a short description will be ignored for security reasons. For fastest results, use the Messages app, and contact us ahead of time to let us know you are ready to send your project link.

Should you have any questions, please Contact TTJ.

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