How to make a FaceTime call from a group text message

How to Make a Group FaceTime Call from a Group Text:  Rita’s iDevice Advice for April 27, 2020

Want to do a group FaceTime call instead of a group text? Texting is great, but sometimes, you Want to have a conversation face-to-face. Starting a group FaceTime Video or Audio Only call from a group text message is the easiest way to start a group call. The contacts involved will be notified and can join the ongoing FaceTime chat whenever they are ready.

The people you call will also have to have FaceTime enabled on their iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

How to make a FaceTime call to a group:

If you do not wish to open an existing conversation, but wish instead to compose an entirely new message, you can open the Messages app, then tap near the top right corner of the screen to find the Compose button. Double-tap to begin. You are immediately placed in the, “To”, field. If the desired recipient is in your Contacts, type the first few letters of the person’s first or last name, such as “JEN” for Jenna, “JOH” for John, and so on. After typing a letter or two, reach up above the on-screen keyboard, near the left, and tap once. You will hear the name of a contact that includes the letters you have typed. If it is the one you want, double-tap it to continue. If not, swipe left and right to hear other matching results, or type more letters to further narrow your search. Messages displays results from your contacts, as well as SIRI suggested results from other apps. If a particular contact has more than one contact method associated with it, the preselected method, such as the contact’s iPhone number, is spoken when you tap once on their name. If you wish to proceed with this, double-tap on the name to insert it. If you wish to use a different contact method for that person, swipe to the right one time to find the Expand Options Chevron. Double-tap on that arrow to show additional contact options, then double-tap the one you want.

After inserting the first recipient by double-tapping on the correct name as described above, immediately begin typing the first few letters of the next recipient’s name and repeat the above steps to find and double-tap on the correct result. Repeat this process as many times as you need to in order to add all desired recipients to the group.

As an alternative to this method, you can swipe once to the right of the, “To”, field, to find the “Add Contacts” button, and double-tap on it. This provides an interface where you can browse your entire list of contacts and select the one you want. Similar to the first method, this process can be repeated if you are sending a message to a group.

Additional options are available within each conversation, if you open a conversation, touch the top left of the screen where the Back button is located, then swipe right. You will come to the name or number/iMessage address of the sender, or the number of people, if it is a group conversation. Double-tap on that button containing the name/photo/number etc, and you will immediately be placed on an Audio button, allowing you to use FaceTime Audio or traditional calling. Swipe right for FaceTime Video, Swipe right one more time for the Info button. Double-tap this button for conversation details. From here you can name group conversations.

Note:  when you are in the iMessage group conversation, Double-tap on the number of people in the group button to get the screen to open that allows you to choose either a FaceTime Audio or a FaceTime Video calling option.

These directions are for persons NOT using VoiceOver:

1.  Open the Messages app.

2.  Select the group text that you want to use.

3.  At the top of your screen, select FaceTime.

4.  The contacts you’re calling will receive a notification. They can then join the call.

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