Adding stickers in a iMessage

How to Add Stickers to an iMessage:  Rita’s iDevice Advice for April 20, 2020

You can use Memoji stickers to react to your conversations. you can react with a cat, dog, cow, an octopus, or any of the other 27 fun options.

These are directions for adding these visual (picture type) stickers in an iMessage text conversation, when you are running VoiceOver:

1.  Open the Messages app, and perform a one finger double tap gesture on the “Compose” button that is located in the top right corner of the screen, in order to send a new message.

2.  type the name of the person who will receive the message, in the “to Field”.

3.  flick right until you get to the “Message field” and perform a one finger double tap to open the Edit field, where you will type or dictate a text message.  Here is where you can also add these fun Memoji stickers

4.  After typing the text, locate the “Send” Button, but do not double tap yet

5.  Swipe to the left of the  “Send” button and locate the “Apps” button and double tap it to expand to make the Apps Visible.

6.  Swipe right to get to the “Sticker” Sheets, and perform a one finger double tap gesture to open the Sticker sheet pages.

.  There are 27 pages of these Memoji stickers.

7.  The sticker sheets are located at the bottom of the screen.  You can swipe right or left with three fingers to go between categories: such as, Cat, Dog, Chicken, Bear, etc.  When you get to the category you want,  there are 15 scenarios and expressions to choose from:  such as, “Cat smiling with wide open mouth”, or Dog with wide open mouth and heart shaped eyes”.  Perform a one finger double tap gesture when you find the one you want to add to your text message.

8.  You can then swipe to the “Send” button, and perform a one finger double tap gesture to send your text message that will also include the Memoji sticker.

These directions are for persons who are Not running VoiceOver on their Apple iOS devices:

1.  Open the Messages thread you want to use.

2.  If you see your app menu on the bottom of the screen, tap the gray App Store icon.

3.  Select the Sticker sheet icon.

4.  Select the Sticker sheet you want to use.

5.  Now, drag and drop the Memoji sticker you want to add to the conversation.

6.  You can drop it anywhere you want on the screen, and the person you are talking to will see it as well!

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