Please Read! Important Zoom Info for Anyone Joining Our Help Sessions, iPad Classes, and Other Sessions

Due to several recent security issues that have affected users of the Zoom Cloud Meetings platform, Zoom has implemented a number of security and privacy enhancements to the entire platform. While most of these enhancements were made behind-the-scenes, thus requiring no action from users, I’d like to share a couple of user-facing changes, and explain how they will impact students in our iPad course, as well as anyone joining our virtual help sessions.

The main difference is the mandatory meeting password when joining manually. If you launch the Zoom app, then enter our standard Meeting ID for all TTJ sessions, or if you use your Zoom meeting history to join, you will now be asked for a password. That password is:
If you wish to not have to enter the password, you may use the Join Link, but you will need a new join link, as the previous one we have posted before will not work. Again, you can manually join using the typical meeting ID:
Then enter 232402 as the password, or click the link below to join:

The other difference is the addition of a new, waiting room. However in this case, TTJ has disabled that feature, so you should not notice anything different once you successfully join. If you have any questions, please let us know. God bless you and take care.:)

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