How to make a FaceTime call

How to Make a FaceTime Call:  Rita’s iDevice Advice for April 6, 2020

If you’re trying to find a more personal way to keep in touch, FaceTime is a great option! FaceTime has features you can use such as call waiting, and the option to pick between video calls or audio only.

Note:  These instructions were written for sighted persons, who are not using voiceOver.  If you are using VoiceOver:  when the instructions say “Tap on an item”, perform a one finger double tap.

Note:  You can use SIRI to make FaceTime Audio or Video calls.

You could say to SIRI, “Hey Siri, Make a FaceTime Audio call to …” to someone who is in your Contacts.

The sound quality on a FaceTime audio call is superior to calling over a cellular service.

How to make a FaceTime audio or video call:

The person you call will also have to have FaceTime enabled on their iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

1.  Open the FaceTime app.

2.  Tap the plus icon in the upper right corner to select someone to call.

When running VoiceOver, double tap the “add” Button in the upper right hand corner.

3.  If you are starting a FaceTime call with someone who is not saved to your contacts, type their phone number or email address in the To: field. If the person is saved to your contacts, you can start typing their name. If the contact has FaceTime, their contact info will be blue. 

4.  Or, you can tap the plus icon on the right of the To: field and open your Contacts list.

5.  Tap a name; if they have FaceTime, you’ll see it as an option and can tap video camera icon to add the contact to the FaceTime call.

6.  You can add more than one person in the To: field to make a group FaceTime call

7.  Tap Audio to make an audio-only call.

8.  You’ll see a menu of options similar to a regular phone call, including putting the call on speaker.

9.  Tap Video to start a video call. You’ll see a menu for the video call, including flipping the camera from facing the front to back.

10.  When the other person picks up, you’ll see them on the screen, with the view from your camera in the upper right.

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