Watch Apple Unveil the Original iPad

As the tenth anniversary of the iPad draws near, we are ramping up our tributes and celebrations. Today, join us as we reflect on the initial introduction of the very first iPad.

In this video, you’ll see the late Steve Jobs introduce and demo some of the awesome features of the original iPad, at an Apple special event on January 27, 2010. You will certainly notice some outdated references, such as the digital picture frame feature, the use of Google Maps and a built in YouTube app, iPhoto, and more, but you will also see the very first demos of many iPad features and apps we still use today.

The iPad has come so far since that January day when it was first introduced, but this is the moment, at least from the public perspective, that began it all, and even back then, the iPad was truly one of the most amazing devices on the market, or to use Apple’s terminology, “a magical and revolutionary product”. Enjoy the video, and stay tuned to the TTJ Blog for more awesome iPad content.

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