Sending iMessages with special effects

Sending iMessages With Special Effects:  Rita’s iDevice Advice for March 23, 2020

Screen Effects are fun, animated backgrounds that add a touch of flair to your text messages.

You can manually add Bubble and Screen Effects to any iMessage. Once you have typed the text of your message, instead of double-tapping on the Send button, double-tap and hold on Send for a few seconds. You will now be able to double-tap on either Bubble or Screen, to choose which type of effect you would like. With Bubble effects, simply swipe left and right to choose the desired effect, then double-tap on the one you want. Now, double-tap send. Enjoy playing with these various bubble effects. You can even use the Invisible Ink effect which will send a blurred message to the recipient, who must then rub it away to reveal the intended message.

With screen effects, it’s a bit more complex, because each effect takes up the entire screen, so you must scroll between each effect. As you may remember, Voiceover users can scroll by swiping with three fingers, in this case, left and right.

There Are 9 message Screen Effects.

For those not familiar with iMessage screen effects, they’re fun, animated backgrounds that add a touch of flair to your texts.

First up, there’s the new “Echo” option, which bombards the receiver with multiple message bubbles containing your message. It’s the perfect screen effect option to use for those times where you have to send a text over to an absentminded friend that you’ve always had to repeat yourself over and over again.

If you want to send an extremely important text that can’t be ignored, then “Spotlight” is right up your alley. This second screen effect addition highlights your message by putting it under a spotlight, and it’s a great way to communicate a sense of urgency to your message that’s sure to grab the reader’s attention.

To add a screen effect to a message after typing the text, locate the Send Button.  VoiceOver will also announce “Double-tap and hold to add effect”.

Perform a one finger double tap gesture on the Send button, but hold your finger down on the second tap.  This will open the screen where you can choose from 9 special effects to highlight your text message.

Flick right and VoiceOver will say “Send with Effect, and then another flick will announce “Selected Bubble, one of two”.

Flick right until you get to “Screen button, two of two.  Perform a one finger double tap gesture on the “Screen button”.

The “Screen button is now selected, and you will then flick right to hear “Echo copies of the message bubble echo across the screen”.  Then flick right with one finger to hear “Send with Echo button”.

Flick left to go back to the name and the description of the currently selected effect, then perform a three-finger swipe left to go to the next effect. Swipe right with three fingers to go back to the previous effect.

Alternatively, if you flick right from the Send with Effect button, and past the Close button, you will hear “Page one of 9, Echo, adjustable, swipe up or down with one finger to adjust the value”.  This is a Picker option.  You can flick to hear the 8 other Special Effects options.  such as: “page two of nine, Spotlight, or “Page 3 of nine, Balloons”, etc.

When you have chosen the Special Effect that you want from the picker options, then flick back to the left to get to the Send with… name of the special effect that you wanted.  Perform a one finger double tap gesture to send the text message with the chosen special effect.

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