Sending animations in the iMessages app

Key Words That Will Trigger Animations When Sending a Text Message In The iMessages App:  Rita’s iDevice Advice for March 16, 2020

When sending iMessages, you can use special bubble effects, and full-screen message effects, to enhance the conversation. There are three key words that will cause a full-screen effect to play when you type or dictate them in the Edit field in the Messages app.

The words must be typed or dictated exactly as shown below and by themselves.

After entering the “key words” in the edit field, go to the “Send Button” and perform a one finger double tap gesture

(When VoiceOver is running) to send the message with the animation.

The Three key words are:

“Happy Birthday”, this will send colorful Balloons up from the bottom of the screen, up to the top of the screen along with the words “Happy Birthday”

“Congratulations”, Confetti will fall, along with the word “Congratulations” when you send this text message

“Happy New Year”, fireworks will play, along with the words “Happy New Year” when you send this text message.

When running VoiceOver:  follow these steps to send a text message with “key words” that will allow animations to play.

1.  Open the Messages app, and perform a one finger double tap gesture on the “Compose” button that is located in the top right corner of the screen, in order to send a new message.

2.  type the name of the person who will receive the message, in the “to Field”.

3.  flick right until you get to the “Message field” and perform a one finger double tap to open the Edit field, where you will type or dictate Happy Birthday, Congratulations, or Happy New Year.

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