Reacting to a Text Message

Reacting to a text message:  Rita’s iDevice Advice for March 2, 2020

While you are inside of a message conversation, if you swipe left and right to read individual messages within that conversation, you can flick up and down on any message to choose from a variety of custom options, like copying the message, and reacting to the message, known as Tap Back. Tap Backs allow you to instantly send a heart, thumbs up, thumbs down, or other reaction symbols. To choose one, flick up or down on an individual message until you hear, React, then double-tap. Swipe left and right to choose the desired reaction, then double-tap.

This is further explanation about reacting to a text message.

There is a “React” option to respond to a particular text message that is handy and quick.

When you receive a text message from an individual, you need to open the text message and flick right to get to the body of the text message.  When you are on the text message, you can flick up and you will hear the following:

Activate, More, Copy, or React”

If you perform a one finger double tap on the “React” option, you will get several  images that allow you to quickly respond to a text message.  The options are: Heart symbol, Thumbs up, Thumbs Down, Ha Ha, ! Exclamation mark symbol, or a ? mark symbol.

You can flick right with one finger to get to the various symbols that are actually buttons.  As soon as you perform on one of the buttons, it will immediately send that symbol to the sender of that text message.  VoiceOver will say that you “loved” that text message, if you sent the “heart Symbol, or that you “liked” a text message if you sent the “thumbs Up” symbol.

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