Options and Working in iMessages

Working With Incoming Text Messages:  Rita’s iDevice Advice for February 24, 2020

These directions work when running VoiceOver.

If a message you receive indicates that it contains a photo, a video, an audio recording, a web link, or some other type of attachment, simply double-tap on the received message, from within the message conversation, to reveal the content. Then, swipe left and right to find various options, such as playing the content, sharing it to other apps, and so on. Web links will generally open directly in Safari, Apple’s powerful web browser.

While you are inside of a message conversation, if you swipe left and right to read individual messages within that conversation, you can swipe up and down on any message to choose from a variety of custom options, like copying the message, and reacting to the message, known as Tap Back. Tap Backs allow you to instantly send a heart, thumbs up, thumbs down, or other reaction symbols. To choose one, swipe up or down on an individual message until you hear, React, then double-tap. Swipe left and right to choose the desired reaction, then double-tap.

If you wish to copy the text of a message someone sent you, again, be sure you are already inside the conversation, and locate the individual message containing the desired text. Swipe up or down until you hear, Copy, then double-tap. The text of the message is now in your Clipboard for use anywhere you desire.

Choosing the More option from the Rotor will allow for additional options, including forwarding the message to another recipient.

When you are just in the Messages app itself, in the list of conversations, not in a specific conversation, you also have Rotor options, if you swipe up or down on any conversation. For example, you can delete an entire conversation, or you can hide all alerts from the recipient or group.

Additional options are available within each conversation, if you open a conversation, touch the top left of the screen where the Back button is located, then swipe right. You will come to the name or number/iMessage address of the sender, or the number of people, if it is a group conversation. Double-tap on that button containing the name/photo/number etc, and you will immediately be placed on an Audio button, allowing you to use FaceTime Audio or traditional calling. Swipe right for FaceTime Video, Swipe right one more time for the Info button. Double-tap this button for conversation details. From here you can name group conversations and also choose to see even more contact info for the sender, as well as adding and removing recipients from group threads. You can also browse all attachments sent to you in that conversation.

Finally, you can choose to share or send your current location in the conversation. When finished, double-tap Done.

Note that you can send other types of files, such as Pages documents, recordings in Voice Memos, websites in Safari, and much more, as attachments in Messages.

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