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Please read this entire page immediately and contact TTJ if you have any questions.

It is almost time for our next courses to begin. The free course, Learning Voiceover In and Out, begins Monday, January 13, 2020, and the course, iPad For All Computing, begins Monday April 6. If you have already registered for these courses in the fall, we have all your info and are including you in the upcoming rosters. However, there is still one more step necessary to complete registration. You must enroll in the iTunes U portion of each course. This must be done using the Enrollment Gateway for each of the two individual courses. You must visit the Enrollment Gateways from an iPhone, iPad, or an iPod Touch. You will not be able to do so from any other device. Therefore if you are currently reading this post on any other device, please return to this page using your Apple iOS or iPad OS device. Note that TTJ cannot manually enroll you over the phone. You must complete the enrollment process yourself, using either the Enrollment Gateways or the Course Codes.

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TTJ uses the iTunes U portion for our spring courses. This means that both the Voiceover course starting January 13 and the iPad course starting in April will make use of iTunes U, in addition to still using Zoom or Dabel for live sessions. When you initially completed the registration form indicating your intent to join, you provided all your info to TTJ, and we are now expecting you in Zoom. However, you must also enroll in the iTunes U portion for one or both courses. If you wish to participate in both the Voiceover course and the iPad course, you will need to enroll separately in each iTunes U course. To do so, use the enroll links below. If taking both courses, start with the first enroll link, for the Voiceover course. After completing enrollment in that course, immediately return to this page to choose the second enroll link, the one for the iPad course.

It is very important that you enroll in both courses as quickly as possible, as available space will fill up fast, and enrollment in iTunes U courses is handled on a first come, first served basis. Do not wait! Enroll now using the links below! Then, stay tuned to this blog for iTunes U tutorials and other important course details, coming next week. If you are unable to properly use the Enrollment Gateways, please contact TTJ for a course code for one or both courses. Should you have any questions, please get in touch with us.

Enroll in Voiceover In and Out

Enroll in iPad For All Computing

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