Gestures for the iPhone X and newer models

Gestures for the iPhone X and newer models:  Rita’s iDevice Advice for December 9, 2019

Gestures For The iPhone X and Newer iPhone Models, When Running VoiceOver:  

Some folks are new to the TTJTECH Blog and or have just gotten newer iPhones that do not have a Home button.

they have been asking for information such as the below.

The iPhone X and the newer iPhone models(iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, and iPhone 11 Pro Max) do not have a Home button.  So how do you perform the actions that used to be done with the Home button?

Standard iPhone gestures such as a swipe up from the bottom to go to the Home Screen or App Switcher are augmented for VoiceOver users by providing additional haptics and audio feedback.

The gestures are based on a little haptic prompt which you will feel, and a little audio cue which you can hear. I refer to that audio cue as a blip, because that’s what it sounds like to me – a short, little blip sound. The entire premise is based on placing one finger at either the top or the bottom edge of the screen. When you do you will hear the first blip. Then you slide your finger to the next blip, or to the third blip. So, to go home for example, place one finger at the very bottom of the screen, and you will hear a short blip sound. Now, slide your finger up until you hear the next blip and feel a little haptic prompt, then immediately lift your finger. Now you are home, to open the App Switcher, do not stop at that second blip, but keep swiping farther up to the third blip.

So again, to go home, slide one finger up from the bottom of the screen until you hear the second sound. To open the App Switcher, slide one finger up until you hear the third sound. Similarly, to use the Control Center, slide one finger down from the top of the screen until you hear the second sound. To open Notification Center, swipe one finger down until you hear the third sound.

Use the Side Button to Turn on Voiceover, turn your phone off, and activate Siri. Double-click the side button to use Apple Pay or make purchases from the iTunes Stores, like the App Store.

This is also the sleep button (also known as the Side button), so pressing it once will make the phone sleep or wake up. You can also raise the phone or tap the screen to wake it up. To turn off the phone, press and hold the Side Button and either Volume button until you feel a haptic prompt. To activate Emergency SOS, continue holding Side Button and either Volume Button for a few more seconds.

To take a screen shot, press and then quickly release the Side Button and the Volume Up button.

During normal operation, to wake up your phone, simply tap the screen, then hold it near your face to unlock it. This will display notification previews. You can now go home by swiping up as described above. 

Screenshot: Simultaneously press and quickly release the Side button and Volume Up button (used to be the simultaneously press and hold the Home and Power button)

Turn off the iPhone: Press and hold the Side button, then double tap the “Slide to Power Off” button (used to be the press and hold the Power button, then double tap the “Slide to Power Off”)

Activate Apple Pay: Double click the Side button (used to be the double click the Home button)

New Gestures replacing function of the Home button

Starting at the bottom of the screen and slide one finger up. You will feel three haptic vibrations referred to as “clicks” (similar to the old “click” when pressing the Home button). Each of these three clicks will activate a function. Note: The first click alerts you that you are in the feature.

Swipe up gestures:

To go home, swipe up with one finger until you feel the first vibration. 

To go to the app switcher, swipe up with one finger until you feel a 2nd vibration.

Swipe down gestures:

Swipe down from the top right corner to the first vibration to open Control Center.

Swipe down to the second vibration to open Notification Center.

Along with each vibration is an audible blip sound which can be quite helpful. There is also a blip when you first place your finger on the top or bottom edge of the phone.

Note:  You can still use the gestures of swiping up with three fingers to open the Control Center and swiping down with three fingers to open the Notification Center: after you have brought focus to any item on the Status Bar.

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