How to Get Notified When a New Podcast Episode is available: Rita’s iDevice Advice for December 2, 2019

How to Get Notified When a New Podcast Episode is available:  Rita’s iDevice Advice for December 2, 2019 

If you have favorite shows in the Podcasts app, but keep forgetting to check for new episodes, you will benefit from turning on notifications so you can keep up to date.

On the other hand; if you are subscribed to several podcasts, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the new episode notifications. Here is how to customize your Podcasts notifications, so you’re informed about the shows you really want to listen to, while silencing notification about the ones you only occasionally tune into.


Note:  These instructions were written for sighted persons, who are not using voiceOver.  If you are using VoiceOver:  when the instructions say “Tap on an item”, perform a one finger double tap.


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How to Customize Your Podcast Notifications

This applies to the native Apple Podcasts App:

1.  Open the Settings app.

2.  Scroll down and select Podcasts.

3.  Tap Notifications.

4.  Toggle Allow Notifications to on.

5.  Select how you want to be notified.

6.  You can enable sounds as well.

Now, you can select which podcasts are allowed to send you notifications.

1.  Tap Podcast Notification Settings.

2.  If a podcast is toggled to green, then you’ll receive notifications for that podcast.

3.  If a podcast is toggled to gray, then you won’t receive notifications for that podcast.

4.  Tap Done when you’ve finished customizing your Notifications.


As you subscribe to more podcasts you can use this method to update your notification preferences.


There are thousands of Podcasts available:  here are some Podcasts of my favorites that might be of interest…

“The Retirement Answer Man”

Host: Roger Whitney, a financial adviser with WWK Wealth Advisors in San Antonio

“Retirement Starts Today”

Host: Benjamin Brandt, founder and president of Capital City Wealth Management, a financial-planning company 

The Disney Food Blog DFB on the YouTube Channel

The DIS:  all about Disney World

Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me on NPR

The Moth Podcast:  live stories available on NPR

Stur-It-Up at

search TTJ Talk from the Search tab on the Apple Podcasts app

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