Big Day for Apple as Several Updates Are Released

Apple today released updates to iOS and iPad OS 13.2. Software updates were also released for the AppleTV. Rounding out today’s updates was the HomePod Software update.

Today’s updates saw the addition of several new features, including the ability to have Siri announce incoming messages on AirPods automatically, new Emoji, new HomeKit options, new Siri privacy features, and more. Additionally, new features, such as Handoff, voice recognition, ambient sounds, and more arrived on the HomePod. Stay tuned to this blog for tips on all the new features.

Apple also announced the new AirPods Pro, available to order immediately for $249. The AirPods Pro will supplement the existing AirPods, with a new model, featuring noise canceling features, higher sound quality, and multiple tips to accommodate just about any size ear.

This has been an incredible year for Apple already, with new hardware, software, and services released in basically every category throughout the year, and with AppleTV Plus scheduled for release this Friday, it doesn’t look like things will be slowing down any time soon. There are even a few, as yet unreleased products rumored to be in the pipeline. These include the much-anticipated Mac Pro, a new 16 inch MacBook, and more. There is even evidence of the potential release of a device tracker that can be placed on keys, remotes, and more, similar to the Tile products, though this has not been confirmed by a Apple at this point. Either way, there’s never been a better time to be an Apple user than right now.

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