IOS 13 Tip 7: Listen to Live Radio

With an Apple Music membership, you have access to more than fifty million songs whenever you want them. You can also listen to personalized, curated radio stations across numerous genres, as well as the live internet radio station Beats One. Now however, even more options are available to all Apple users in the latest software. You can now listen to live radio stations on your iPad, iPhone, AppleTV, HomePod, iPod Touch, and Mac. Just open the Music app, choose the Radio tab, then scroll down until you see, “Broadcast Radio”. From there you will be able to choose from over one hundred thousand radio stations. Not all radio stations are available. To be available, the radio station must support an internet broadcast through an app like iHeart Radio, Radio.Com, or TuneIn. As stated, more than one hundred thousand radio stations do support this, so you should have no trouble finding some of your favorites across all genres, from all around the world.

Listening on a HomePod? just ask Siri. On all Apple devices, just specify the radio station, and Siri will play it for you. For example, say something like, “Play 98.1 the Breeze”. Happy listening, and stay tuned to our blog and our Podcast for even more tips coming soon.

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