IOS 13 Tip 5: Apple Maps Collections

Ever wish you could save your favorite places for quick access later? Perhaps you tried a new restaurant and really loved it. Maybe you are visiting a new city for the first time. Perhaps you even have favorite places you’d like to share with others. With Apple Maps, now you can do just that. With Apple Maps Collections, you can create as many collections as you want, based on a theme, type of business, location, or anything else your heart desires. To get started, launch Apple Maps in iOS 13 or iPad OS, then search for a place of interest. When you find a place you want, tap on it to display the place card. Now, tap on the “Add To” button. From here, you can choose an existing collection or create a new one. It’s that easy.

When you want to view your collections later, simply launch Maps and scroll down to your collections. Then, choose the one you want, to see all the saved places in that collection. You can even share your collections with others, so they can also benefit from your favorite places.

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