IOS 13 Tip 4: Rich Text Formatting in Mail

With iOS 13 and iPad OS, it is now possible to use desktop level formatting in the Apple Mail app. Create stunning email messages by changing the font, font size, and font color. Make text stand out by using options like bold, italic, underline, and more. Even create  bulleted and numbered lists. These and other similar features, typically found in word processing apps, can now be used every time you send an email. Just launch the Mail app and compose a new message, or reply to an existing one.

As you’re composing the message you will see a wealth of new options. For Voiceover users, just swipe to the right of the message body area to find the text options and more. You can also take and insert photos, scan documents directly into emails and mark them up before sending them, draw in email messages, and more. If you have an iPad and the Apple Pencil or Logitech Crayon, you can even drag up from the edge of your iPad screen to immediately begin drawing or writing by hand.

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