IOS 13 Tip 3: Share Your Name and Photo In Messages

Ever get a text from a random number and wish you could know who it was before you reply? In iOS 13. Users can share their name and a photo in Messages. This information can be shared with contacts only, and on a case-by-case basis. To get started, open Messages. Then, tap on the three dot icon near the top of the screen, or tap on the option to add a name and photo. You can take a new photo, use or create an Animoji, or choose from an existing photo in your library. Enter your name, and choose the sharing options you want. Now, whenever you send a message to one of your contacts, this info will be shared. You can also choose other people with whom you wish to share this info, even if they are not in your contacts. This is done on a per message basis, so you are always in complete control of who sees your name and photo.

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2 thoughts on “IOS 13 Tip 3: Share Your Name and Photo In Messages”

  1. I’m curious about your choice of words for describing the share your name and photo feature to those who are visually impaired and using Voiceover. After opening Messages, your instructions say to tap the three dot icon at the top of the screen. Does VoiceOver really say three dot icon for that button control or does it call it something else? If these tips are being copied and pasted from a source for the sighted, please edit them so they have the VoiceOver equivalents. Thanks.

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    1. Hi, this was not copied, but we do have both sighted and non sighted users on this blog, so I try to specify for both. Sorry I didn’t make this one clear. For VO, the button is called More. For your own benefit going forward though, if you find instructions for the general public, often times the icon with the three dots is either going to be More or Share, with an occasional exception. That is usually what it’s called. You may also see the 3.icon referred to as an ellipsis.

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